My purpose behind this blog is to help readers like you to live a happy and peaceful life, and understand yourself at deeper levels by practicing mindfulness and meditation.

But please remember that any opinions or advice I share here are based on my own experience, and you may not get the same benefits from following them as I do.

Practices such as meditation and mindfulness take time to develop and must be practiced with caution. So please learn them with patience and do not try to accomplish everything all at once.

Also make sure to verify anything that I write here on your own before you apply them.

I do not accept any third party advertisements or sponsorships on this blog. But I do use affiliate links to link to books and other products on Amazon.com. And I’ll get a small cut of what you buy if you purchase anything after clicking on my links.

I only recommend a product, if I have used it and found it to be useful. Readers should always verify the usefulness of such products on their own before making any purchase.

Updated on 5 April, 2016.