Your World Is as Peaceful as You Make it Out to be

It’s a typical afternoon.

Right now, as I write this article on my desk, I can hear the hustle and bustle of the world around me.

I can hear the buzzing of the ambulance from somewhere near; I can hear the voice of people talking down on the street; I can hear the clatter of dishes as the cleaning lady cleans them at our neighbor’s house.

I can also hear the chirping of the birds from a nearby tree; The fruit vendor is shouting at the top of his voice to sell some fruits in our society; There is a playground behind our house from where I can hear kids shouting and yelling at each other.

Besides all this, I can also hear the usual sound of cars and trucks as they pass across the street, and then the highway, near our house, accompanied by the honking of some auto-rickshaws that pass every now and then.

At this moment, I can either let all of these, or any one of these, distractions make me stop my work. Or, I can continue writing with the full peace that I feel from within.

I have a clear choice here: Either to make myself get lost in the distractions that seem to be everywhere around me, Or to take full responsibility for myself and continue to do what’s most important for me to do at this moment – to write for you.

In other words, I can let the chaos around me affect me, or I can continue to be at peace without giving a care to what’s happening around me.

Now, doesn’t all this sound little familiar to you?

Isn’t this the same choice that all of us have to make, for almost every moment of our day?

From the moment you wake up at morning, to the moment you fall asleep at night, you have this choice always at your disposal – to do what’s important for you to do, or to let yourself get lost in the chaos around you.

You can blame the world around you for every little problem that you have, or you can take full responsibility for all your problems in life.

You can either think that the whole world is against you and will never let you rest in peace, or you can choose to be fully at peace with yourself and try to make the whole world peaceful.

The choice is, and it always is, yours, and ONLY YOURS to make.

If you are happy and peaceful from within, you’ll see the world as happy and peaceful. If you are annoyed with every little thought that pops up in your mind, you will also get annoyed by every little distraction that happens around you.

If you are fully at peace with yourself, then the chaos around you will fail to destroy your peace.

Once you learn to look for peace only within yourself, and not anywhere outside, you stop to be at the mercy of the world around you in order to have peace.

But, if your peace always depends on how peaceful the world is around you, then you will never be at peace, as there will always be that one little thing that’ll distract you and disturb your peace of mind.

By being peaceful yourself, you are not the only one who gets affected. When others see you keep your peace, even as they lose theirs, it makes them realize that if you can be so much at peace, then maybe they can also try for it.

Your peace is never limited to you, it’s contagious in nature: It spreads around to everyone who comes in contact with you.

You can be, if you want, the very source from which peace comes from.

While you may never be able to change the whole world around you, you can always strive, to the very end of your life, to change yourself for the better.

You don’t have to rely at the mercy of the world to be peaceful and happy. You can choose to be peaceful and happy right at this moment if you want.

How peaceful you remain at any moment is directly related to how deep you feel that peace from within.

If you’re only peaceful at a surface level, then the outside chaos can easily destroy your peace.

But, if you are peaceful from deep within, then it becomes tough for the outside world to disrupt your peace.

If you only keep fighting the outside world all the time for your peace, then you are only going to lose the battle. But if you are equipped with the shield of deep peace, right from within, then you will never lose your peace.

Then you won’t even have to fight against the world to have your peace. In fact, even if the whole world turns against you, it won’t be able to destroy your peace of mind, no matter how hard it tries.

The question is, are you going to let the world make your decisions for you with regards to how much peace you should have, Or are you going to be the one who makes this decision.

Only you can answer this.

Thank you for your time. Hope this helps you to find some peace in your own life.

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