Why Every Spiritual Seeker Is Also a Scientist

The very word “Spirituality” is sometimes enough to put some people off.

To ones who don’t believe in it, spirituality seems nothing more than blind faith in something that isn’t true or real in any way.

To those who believe in it, spirituality is the path of believing something higher exists than themselves – than their body and mind.

Sometimes, those who don’t believe in spiritual living also look down upon those who believe in it. They feel their approach is more logical, more “scientific” than the spiritual seekers’.

The point – and there is one – of today’s article, which I will discuss further at the end, is to address this misunderstanding that a few people have about spirituality, and spiritual learning in general.

Regardless of what anyone thinks, the truth is, every spiritual seeker is also automatically a scientist in his own way. Let me explain why.

If you’ve been reading any spiritual books for a while, you have come to understand that there is something more to you besides your body and mind. Even if you haven’t realized it for yourself, you at least understand it at some level.

Now, the process of understanding that “something” which is beyond your body and mind, is the same as one that a scientist would take to understand it in depth. For us, that “something” is nothing but our own consciousness in its purest and true form.

A true scientist will always try to figure out the very source of the object that he studies. To do this, he will break that object into as many small parts as he can. And then, he will observe them under a microscope and keep taking out layers and layers of the object, until there is nothing left except for the very tiny particles or atoms that the object is made of.

The same way, every spiritual seeker tries to understand everything for what it really is. He tries to understand the cause of all his problems at their very source. To do this, he peels off layers and layers of wrong understanding from his mind, until there is nothing left except for his very consciousness.

Just as a true scientist won’t let his opinions or attachments interfere with the truth that he sees for himself, the same way, a true spiritual seeker won’t let his opinions or attachments interfere with the truth that he sees for himself.

Just as a true scientist keeps doing his research, and tries out various combinations to figure out the truth, the same way, a true spiritual seeker also keeps doing his research, and tries out different ways of understanding himself to figure out the truth.

Just like a true scientist, a true spiritual seeker will also believe only in the truth. And he won’t stop until he finds this truth.

Just as a true scientist needs some quiet time alone so that he can research for hours together, without getting disturbed, the same way, a true spiritual seeker needs some quiet time alone so that he can meditate and contemplate for hours together without getting disturbed.

Just as a scientist believes his mind to be the ultimate tool using which he tries to understand everything, the same way, a spiritual seeker believes his consciousness to be the ultimate tool using which he tries to understand everything.

A scientist reads the works of other scientists, who came before him, to gain mastery in his field of research. A spiritual seeker reads the works of other spiritual seekers, who came before him, to gain mastery in his field of understanding his true self.

The one thing a true scientist devotes his whole life to is to understand the truth. And that’s the same one thing a spiritual seeker devotes his whole life to – to understand the truth.

Just as it takes a scientist years of his life to gain true mastery in his field and make a breakthrough discovery, the same way, it takes a spiritual seeker years of his life to gain true mastery in understanding himself and gain enlightenment.

Just as not every scientist makes a breakthrough discovery, if he uses the wrong tools or takes wrong approach to his research, the same way, not every spiritual seeker gains enlightenment if he uses the wrong methods or takes the wrong approach to gain enlightenment.

So, as you see, the similarities are many between the way a spiritual seeker and a scientist work. The differences are of the approach they take and their ultimate goals.

To understand any thing the scientist takes the outward approach, whereas the spiritual seeker takes an inner approach.

But, whereas a scientist finally knows and understands a truth “only in his mind”, a spiritual seeker not only knows and understands the truth in his mind, but also becomes fully one with the truth – fully one with his consciousness.

Even if a scientist were to “know” the truth, it won’t necessarily help him overcome his own sufferings. But when a spiritual seeker gains full understanding about his consciousness and realizes it for himself, it also helps him put a permanent end to all his sufferings.

A scientist will always remain at the mercy of his tools and can only go as far as his tools can take him. But, as a spiritual seeker relies only on himself, and not any tools, he can gain full understanding about himself on his own.

A scientist is limited with the limitations of his mind, but doesn’t understand it yet. A spiritual seeker understands the limitations of his mind and tries to go beyond it to understand the truth.

Whereas a scientist may take pride and become egoistic after making a a discovery, a spiritual seeker gives up all his ego and feels oneness with everything once he gains full understanding.

A scientist doesn’t need kindness or compassion to advance in his field, and that’s why a few of them also end up inventing things that harm others – such as nuclear bombs. But a spiritual seeker can make rapid progress if he has kindness and compassion for every being, and that’s why a true spiritual seeker will always end up creating happiness and peace wherever he lives, and will never cause any harm to any being.

Now, let me tell you my point behind writing this article : Just because you are a spiritual seeker doesn’t mean your approach to understanding yourself is wrong or “unscientific”. So, if you come across any “scientific” person who tries to look down upon you, or thinks he is more “intelligent” and “smarter” than you, you should forgive that person for his ignorance and continue with your practice.

Just because you seek the truth about who you are, where you come from and where you are headed, doesn’t give anyone – ANYONE – the right to look down upon you or to think himself as more intelligent and “scientific” or “logical” than you.

So, when you walk your spiritual path, never let the opinions and judgments of others deter you from your path. Never let yourself feel that you are wrong, when in reality it’s the other person who is.

Never stop believing the truth as truth just because others believe the false to be the truth. Never let yourself walk away from the path of light just because others keep pushing you to the path of darkness that they themselves have fallen into.

Ignite the fire of consciousness and let it guide you to the truth yourself.

In the end, that’s what matters.

Thank you for reading this. If you find this useful, then please share it with others.

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