The More You Let Go, The More Peace You Have

One direct indicator of how much peace you have in your life is the number of things you possess, the number of friends and relations you have, and the number of activities to which you are attached to.

The greater the number, the less peace you’ll have in your life.

I know this may seem counter-intuitive at first. Isn’t having everything in greater number a sign of prosperity, happiness and peace?

Well, not really. Let me tell you why.

The more things you possess in your life, the more time and energy you have to spend to take care of them. The more friends and relatives you have, the more time you have to give to each one of them. And the more activities you like to do every day, the more time you have to spend indulging in them.

Now, with so many things to take care of, and so many things to do all day, how can you find any time at all to feel peaceful and content from within?

But I don’t blame YOU for this. See, I too used to feel the same way once, and I can understand the reason this happens.

It starts right from our family, who want us to be successful so that they can feel proud of us. And then, our society, our culture, further enforces us to think that the more we have in our life, the more happy and peaceful we will be.

So, it’s natural that we associate being more successful and rich with more happiness, and that that is eventually supposed to bring us peace.

But, tell me, if this was true, then why do you find so many successful, famous and rich people to be unhappy with their lives. Why do, even after having everything in life, they still keep desiring for more and more.

Why can’t they reach a stage where they can finally feel deep happiness and peace from within?

Even for you, why do having everything necessary to live your life not enough to bring you permanent happiness and peace in life?

Clearly, there is something wrong with this approach of having more and more.

So, if having everything in life still won’t give you peace of mind, then, can taking the exact opposite approach- giving up attachment to everything – bring this peace?

Actually, yes.

The key to gaining back your peace of mind is to make yourself have as few possessions and relations and friends as you possibly can.

First, you should start with removing any unwanted possessions, unwanted relations, unwanted friends from your life.

This step itself will bring you greater peace than what you have right now.

Getting rid of personal possessions may not be that big a deal. But it’s getting rid of your unwanted friends and relatives which is the hard part.

Now, I am not telling you to ditch your best friends, stop attending family gatherings, or any such thing. Let’s be clear about that.

I only want you to take a real look at all your relations you have with all your friends and family members. I want you to question each and every relation one by one.

Having a hundred friends on facebook means nothing if even a single friend doesn’t call you on your birthday. Having a dozen cousins mean nothing if no one can come to your rescue when you hit rock-bottom in life. You see my point.

You can never be a true friend to a hundred others. You can never be a true family member to every relative you have, some of whom you don’t even meet once a year.

The key to a happy and peaceful life is to be a good friend to one who is always good to you, to be a good family member to one who always treat you as family. And that’s it. Anyone who doesn’t fall under this category, doesn’t need to be bothered about as much.

Now, once you have moved beyond this first step, the next step will be to remove your attachments to whatever existing possessions or relations or friends you are left with.

The key word here is to remove the attachment and not the relation itself.

You can carry out your interaction with your possessions and friends and relatives even without having any attachment for them. The one who understands this truly can live a peaceful life even while being surrounded by a hundred different things, or a house full of people.

When you let go every attachment, you can still continue to work with your existing possessions and relations if you have a clear understanding of your duty in life.

Understanding your duty in life involves some deep meditation from your side. And only you get to decide what it is.

But once you do realize it, then it becomes a lot easier to give up any attachments you have, as you are then bound by what’s right and what’s not right to do, rather than what you like and what you don’t like to do.

The more attachments you let go from your life, the more peace you have. And when you let go all your attachments in your life, you have full and final peace.

You don’t have to give up everything in life right now as you read this. But do try to give up your attachments one by one. Even if you go slowly, it’s fine. What’s important is to move ahead in the right direction with each day.

When you will realize this simple truth of how giving up your attachments can actually bring you true happiness and peace in life, it won’t be that hard for you to walk on this path.

But, for now, you have to start with something. Don’t just read this and move on with your day. Take some action, however little it may be, today. Give up one attachment, however little it may be, today.

And then, see for yourself, if that doesn’t bring you more peace than what you had to begin with.

That’s all for now. If you find this message useful, then please share it with others.

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