What Does it Mean to Form the Right Understanding in Life?

A question some of us begin to ask ourself, usually as we gain some maturity in life, is what is the right thing for us to do under any situation.

We ponder over how should we act in one situation and how should we act in another. We try to understand what’s right and what’s wrong.

We see someone else act in a particular way, and we think that’s the right way to act. Then we see someone else act in another way, and we think their way is the right way.

Our views, our understanding about life, keeps changing from day to day. The only thing that remains constant within a few of us though is the will to have the right understanding in life.

It’s this will, this little desire within us, that pushes us ahead to read more and more books, see more and more of this world, and have more and more experiences in life, so that we can finally figure out what is the right way to live our life, and form the right understanding about life.

Now, this very word “Right Understanding” is debatable. What does it mean after all?

You should simply think of it as just what its name implies – the understanding that helps you to separate the right from the wrong.

I know this can be a tricky area for some. Because what’s right as per you, may be totally wrong in my eyes. And what I consider to be the right thing, you may think of as wrong.

So, what’s actually right and what’s actually wrong in life.

That is what we have to figure out in a permanent way, and that’s what I mean here when I say about forming the right understanding in life. You can also call it as true understanding, or whatever you want.

And this understanding doesn’t change with time, place, or condition. But it always remains the same.

This right understanding is right not just based on your views or my views, but from a universal point of view.

For example, a few things which we can immediately put under right understanding are: not harming any other living-beings, feeling of equality i.e. taking only what we need from the environment and leaving the rest for others, and kindness, compassion, respect for every being.

And, a few things which we can immediately put under wrong understanding are: harming other living-beings, feeling of inequality i.e. acting selfishly and taking away way more than what we actually need from the environment without caring if everyone else gets the same or not, and selfishness, hate, disrespect for every being.

So, to some extent, we all know that it’s right to be kind and wrong to be selfish, right to be peaceful and wrong to be violent.

You see, when it comes to the basic values in life, you don’t find it too hard to separate the right from the wrong.

Or to put another way, when your choices are simple, you can easily separate the right from the wrong. But as soon as the choices available to you become complicated in nature, you begin to struggle within yourself to choose what is right and what is wrong.

For example, it’s easy to choose between being kind and being selfish, but what if you had to choose between different levels of kindness itself?

Should you just feel pity for someone in distress, or should you go ahead and talk to them, or should you even offer them whatever support they need? This totally depends upon what understanding you have about how to act the right way in that situation.

It’s only when you gain the right understanding from deep within can you be sure of taking the right action. Your job is to dive so deep within your own self that you can start to see the right answers for yourself.

If your understanding is right, the thoughts that you further think all day will be right. Once your thoughts are right, the actions that you take all day will be right. Once your actions are right, your whole life will start to move ahead in the right direction.

When your understanding about life is right, you act in the right way without even worrying about the consequences.

Unless you form this right understanding in life you will continue to wander from one way to another, and then another, and you may even spend your whole life in wandering so, without having gained this understanding at all.

The better way here is always to think of this right way on your own, meditate upon it as often as you can, and learn this way from those who have already walked on it with full success.

Also, do note that it takes time to form this right understanding in life, usually years and years of your life. Just because you don’t see instant results all the time doesn’t mean you should give up your quest for right understanding.

Often it takes lot of internal struggle and even some suffering before you begin to gain this right understanding in life.

Till then, keep walking towards it with each day, with each moment, and you will form this understanding some day.

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