How to Break Away from the Influences that Corrupt Your Mind

You only have to look at what you do from morning till night to understand what I mean by the influences that corrupt your mind.

Besides doing your necessary work for you family, or at your office, there are plenty of things you do everyday that have got nothing to do with your happiness or well-being.

You watch some tv, browse some sites, check social media, watch online videos, listen to songs, gossip with your colleagues at office, gossip at home with your family or friends, or perhaps you spend a lot of time thinking about what else to have in life to make it more comfortable or more entertaining.

These things may seem tiny or insignificant to you, but when you observe yourself, your thoughts, your feelings, for even a single day you will find that you do end up spending too much time indulged in these useless things.

While you may feel you are getting your work done, and that you are taking care of the duties towards your family, so you don’t have to bother about what other things you do or not.

And all that’s perfectly true, but at the same time these other things that you do are also making you more and more attached to them without you even realizing their impact on your happiness and peace in life.

It only takes the internet to not work for a while, or the power to go off for a few minutes, to make you impatient and frustrated. It only takes someone to blame you for something to make you lose your cool and fight back in response. It only takes you one look to see some friend’s vacation pics on facebook to feel how empty and unhappy your own life is.

All this sounds familiar, right?

But, since when did our lives become so much dependent on things and events that, in truth, were always beyond our control?

Any kind of influence that makes you addicted to it, that makes you depend upon it for you to be happy, must be broken off once and for all if you do want to be actually permanently happy.

And the best way to break all these influences at once is not to spend your time indulging yourself with these influences, but to do some other thing that will make these influences irrelevant to you.

You have to figure out that thing which will make you so strong from within that whether these influences exist or not, it will make no difference to your state of mind or body, and accordingly to your peace and happiness.

You have to figure out that thing which will, instead of corrupting your mind with junk thoughts enlighten it and help it see the truth about everything.

Now, what’s that thing I am referring to? Well, it’s nothing but a deep and solid connection with your consciousness.

See, the reason you get carried away by all the outside influences is because you live your life at a surface level. And by making a connection with your consciousness you are able to live your life at a deeper level. That’s the simplest way to put it.

By being in sync with your consciousness, you also feel peace and happiness at a deeper level. And that’s why any peace or happiness that exists only at a surface level doesn’t influence you as much.

Just ask yourself, why would you spend your time on your phones, computers, televisions, or on social media, watching online videos, gossiping with friends and colleagues, when you will be perfectly at peace from within and perfectly happy from inside throughout your day.

Then, it won’t make any sense for you to look for any kind of happiness on the outside, as the joy that comes from being in one with your consciousness will easily be far superior to anything that you can gain from the outside world.

Now, how often can you win over the outside influences and to what degree you can win over them depends directly upon how deeply you are in touch with your own consciousness.

If you consistently strive to be aware of your consciousness all your time, then it becomes easier for you to ignore all the distractions around you, all the negative forms of energy around you, and all those activities and indulgences around you that corrupt your mind, all the time.

To make this transformation from getting influenced by the outside world to being in full connection with your consciousness you need the help of meditation.

Meditation will help you establish this connection with your consciousness, and the more you meditate, the deeper this connection will grow with time.

This is one of the best methods that I know of which can help you win over all your negative influences permanently. Other approaches, such as staying away from these influences, may work for a short time, but almost never in the long run.

That’s why I highly recommend you to strive every day to make the connection with your consciousness as deep and as solid as you possibly can. And then, you will see the results for yourself and will feel further motivated to continue your practice on your own.

Now, I would also love to hear your experience with fighting with your negative influences. What worked for you and what didn’t? And what do you think of my approach? I look forward to hear your thoughts on it.

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