Why You Should Always Aim for Full Freedom(and Not a Partial One) from All Attachments

Our attachments are a clear indication of what kind of life we live.

Our attachments to our family, to our work, to our friends, and even to our gadgets, phones, computers, cars, clothes, house, possessions are what make us act every day.

When we get up at morning we start to plan our day ahead based on the attachments that we have. Even small and insignificant things such as brushing our teeth arise due to some form of attachment to it.

We have attachments of all kind within us: attachments for our health, happiness, money, family, relationships, personal growth, fame, possessions, self-respect, power, and what not.

If you look at it from a higher view, you’ll see that there is no end to your attachments.

So, what does gaining full freedom from all your attachments mean? And why you should aim for it?

Does it mean that you should just sit and do nothing at all with your life? Definitely not.

What it means is to do whatever is necessary for you to do, but without any attachment to it. It means to do all your work without even the desire to gain their fruits some day. It means to remain in the same state of mind, irrespective of whether your work is a success or a failure.

The ones who are fully free from all their attachments do all their work for one and only one reason: because it’s the right thing for them to do.

For ones who are totally free, what remains is to do their duty, based on their responsibilities in life, and nothing else. Even when they do anything else, besides their duty, they do it without any attachment.

Think about this yourself: How can a person do anything wrong in life when he/she is not at all attached to it in any way.

If you have no attachment to all you actions, and no attachment even to the fruits of those actions, then why would you ever think of taking the wrong actions in life? You won’t.

I can see why this may be a hard thing for you to understand, especially if you are in the habit of controlling every aspect of your life. To you, giving up all your attachments may seem like giving up all your control.

But you only have to look at your own life till now, to see how you can control only so much in your life and there is plenty more that lies beyond your control.

When there are a lot of attachments in your life, you have to go through lot of suffering, too.

When you have few attachments in life, you have to go through less suffering, too.

And when there are no attachments left within you, then there is no suffering for you.

So, it’s always your attachments that decide how much you will suffer in your life. To put an end to your suffering, there is only one way and that is to put an end to all your attachments.

That’s the only way there is. If you think you can keep your attachments and yet gain full freedom from suffering, then you are totally wrong.

It hasn’t worked for anyone before you, and it’s not going to work for you.

And this is also something that I observe with my own meditation practice. Every time when I advance ahead in my meditation, then it’s only because I am able to let go another level of attachment from within me.

In a way, meditation is nothing but the process to get rid of all your attachments. And the more you meditate, the more attachments you let go from within yourself.

And when all your attachments cease to exist, what remains is only the purity of consciousness and nothing else.

It’s knowing this consciousness, realizing it for yourself, and becoming one with it, is what should be the ultimate goal of your meditation practice.

And this goal can be achieved only when there is full freedom from every little attachment that lies within you, even the ones that lay dormant on the surface but, in reality, continue to exist deep within the corners of your mind and heart.

When you keep reminding yourself that you have to gain full freedom from all your attachments, then that also helps you to act accordingly, and not let yourself get involve in activities that only make you more attached to them.

By constantly reminding yourself that you have to gain total freedom from every attachment, you will not allow yourself to get lost in any such activity that takes you away from this goal.

You will continue to advance further and further in your goal of total freedom, and the best thing is, one day, you will surely attain your goal, or at least come so close to it, that you will finally feel totally peaceful and totally content from within.

Now, I understand it’s easy to say to give up all your attachments but actually very difficult to do so in reality.

I, too, struggle with my attachments every day. Not even a single day goes by when I don’t have to fight my attachments in life.

Sometimes I win, sometimes I lose, but my consolation is that I do try to let go more and more attachments with each day, and that’s what helps me to stick to my practice every day.

What about you? How often do you try to win over all your attachments, and out of that, how often do you actually succeed in winning over them? Do let me know.

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