Be an Observer (Not a Participant) of Your Mind

Your mind helps you make all the decisions in your life.

Your mind helps you debate and analyze all your options, and then choose one which suits it the most.

But, often, your mind can be wrong.

Your mind thinks and works the way it works based on what influences have acted upon it over the years. Some influences might have been strong, some might have been weak.

Who knows if you’d have made the same choices in life if your experiences and their influences were different ones.

When you see this way, you realize that you think and act in a particular way because of an important role played by your culture, your upbringing, the kind of books you have read, the movies you have watched, the places you have been to.

Everything you have been in contact with has somehow shaped what your mind is today.

In short, your mind and my mind are nothing but just a function of their experiences.

But, what if we thought beyond these experiences – beyond any culture, beyond any upbringing, beyond any books, beyond any movies.

And what if we dived further and thought about our mind beyond words, beyond any form of language, beyond any visions, beyond any feelings, beyond any relation with any senses.

What if we saw the truth about ourself as it is, beyond any conditioning of our mind. What if we saw the truth without a trace of any attachment left within us.

If we can do that, then that will help us to realize not only the truth about ourself, but also the truth about everything else in this universe.

It will help us to see every thing as it is, in its purest form. It will help us to learn what’s real and what’s not real.

It will help us realize what’s important for us, and what’s not important for us.

And then all this will help us make a better choice regarding how we want to spend the rest of our lives; whether we want to keep increasing the number of things we are attached to, or whether we want to remove all our attachments so that we can find total peace, total happiness in life.

But, before we can go beyond the conditioning of our mind, first we have to learn to observe our own mind and understand how it works.

So, to practice this, whenever a thought comes to your mind, don’t involve yourself with it in any way. Don’t let that thought grow upon you and consume you.

Instead, observe it. Let it come, let it stay as long as it wants to, and observe it leave your mind as you pay no attention to what the thought was about.

By observing your thoughts, you understand the nature of thoughts that pop up in your mind across the day. This helps you realize what things you need to think more upon and what things are blocking you from moving ahead in life.

You will see how a pattern of thoughts repeat itself across your day. Some positive thoughts come again and again to you, just as some negative thoughts come again and again to you.

Seeing this pattern for yourself makes you aware about what type of thoughts fill up your mind for most part of your day; whether they are peaceful or violent in nature, whether they make you happy or sad, whether they make you feel content or jealous.

After practicing observing your thoughts, start practicing observing your mind itself. Your mind is the place where thoughts originate, where they stay, and from where they finally leave.

When you form the habit of observing your mind all the time, the intensity of your thoughts start to decrease with time. Your mind begins to get cleared of unwanted thoughts.

And this also helps you realize that your mind is not the sole decision-maker in your life. There is something above your mind which can observe the mind itself and is capable to tell it what to do or not.

To reach this stage, where you can observe your mind for what it is, requires lot of practice of mindfulness and meditation.

But understanding this stage and experiencing this stage for yourself is crucial to understand the nature of your mind and the nature of your body, and to become fully peaceful from within, which is something beyond the limit of your mind.

So, starting today, whenever you can find some free time, try to observe your mind and discover its true nature.

Try to not become a participant of the activities that your mind makes you do, but be an observer who sees every trick their mind plays on them and who can choose to remain peaceful, happy, and mindful in every moment, whether the mind wants to or not.

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