Live for a Higher Purpose

For many of us, life isn’t easy.

We have to take care of our work. We have to take care of our families. We have to take care of ourselves.

And most part of our day is spent on taking this care.

In our daily struggle for life, we barely get enough time to rest and relax. And even when we do get that time, we spend that (waste that?) on watching TV, consuming facebook, twitter, or whatsapp, or surfing the internet aimlessly.

We repeat this process day after day after day.

If you just look back at your own life, I am sure you, too, like me, will find that you have wasted days, weeks, or maybe even years of your life pursuing goals that add no real value to your life in any way.

The reason you have done this, or still continue to do this, is because you lack a higher purpose in life.

If you are only concerned about taking care of what you eat, what dress you wear, what things you own, where you want to roam, then your full life will pass away in front of your eyes, and you won’t ever get to think about whether that’s what you were meant to live your life for?

Is the purpose of our lives only to feed ourself or our families, and nothing beyond that? Is our purpose in life only to take care of our body, which is destined to die, and the very nature of which is to decay and rot one day?

Aren’t we supposed to do something more with our lives than just surviving?

Because even animals, and even tiny microscopic insects, can feed themselves. Does that mean our purpose and their purpose is only about surviving somehow and nothing beyond that?

Wouldn’t our lives be more meaningful if we reflected upon what’s our true purpose in life?

And won’t gaining a deeper understanding about ourself help us rethink our purpose in life?

I don’t know what’s your ultimate goal in life – whether you want to carry out all your responsibilities to your family, whether you want to travel the whole world, whether you want to enjoy everything that life has to offer you, or whether you just want to work and work until your last day in life.

But the truth is, there is an end to all this, and you will face it some day in your life. And then, if you have never worked upon living for a higher purpose, you will find that your life has become empty and there is only unhappiness and suffering left for you.

I understand that finding your purpose in life isn’t easy. Often it takes lot of struggle and time to discover it.

Take my example. If you’d have asked me, while I was in college, what I want to do with my life, I would have answered that I want to write computer programs for a living and create new things using my programming skills.

But over the years, my goals have changed often, until finally, I have formed only one purpose in life : to learn the truth about who I am and how I am supposed to live my life, and to share with others what I learn, so that I can help them understand the same truth for themselves.

Keeping such a simple purpose for myself, helps me take actions every day and act on them.

If you keep searching for the truth about yourself, you will find it some day.

Even the Buddha, who strived to learn about the end of human suffering, did reach his goal one day, when he gained enlightenment, and after that his only purpose in life was to share with others what he had learned about putting an end to the human suffering.

While you and I might never gain as much understanding as the Buddha ourselves, but we can always try for it, as that’s the only thing that we can do. And by trying for it, some day, we may at least gain a much higher understanding about ourself than what we have now.

There is nothing wrong with taking care of your work. There is nothing wrong with taking care of your family. There is nothing wrong with having a few simple desires in life – to be happy and peaceful. But limiting ourself to only this much is what’s wrong.

There is a higher purpose for why I am writing this, and there is a higher purpose to why you are reading this. Try to understand that purpose for yourself.

Try to understand how you can put an end to your suffering permanently. Try to understand how can you live such a life that adds meaning not only to your life but also to others’ life.

Try to understand what is that path that leads to permanent happiness and permanent peace. Try to understand what is it beyond which there is nothing more left to be known, nothing more left to further understand.

Asking yourself such questions will help you find your path in life. And if it still doesn’t, then at least it will take you closer towards your path in life.

If you have already come in contact with any higher teachings about understanding the truth about yourself, then please, PLEASE, don’t let this opportunity go by without making full use of it.

It’s rare to come across such teachings in life which make you think deeply about your true nature. It’s even rare to understand these teachings, and it’s further rare to practice these teachings in real life.

And what’s rarest of them all is to go beyond these teachings, and become one with your own nature; become one with the truth itself.

So, try to live for a higher purpose in life, and do whatever it takes to make some time every day to think upon it, to act upon it, and let that higher purpose grow upon you with each day.

That’s what I strive to do every day. I hope you, too, will do that along with me.

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