Take Little Steps Today Towards a Mindful Life

Often in life, we ignore the little things.

We keep such high goals for ourself, that taking small efforts on a daily basis doesn’t seem quite lucrative to us.

And so, instead of making even a little progress with each passing day, we fall into the trap of making no progress at all.

We think that to gain something of great value, we have to put in great effort.

And while that’s true to some extent, it doesn’t mean that the little things don’t count in our life.

On the contrary, these little things can often add up to make something bigger, something quite astonishing, which can even seem impossible if you compared them with the little thing alone.

You just have to look around to see this in real life.

For example, how often do you hear from a friend or relative that they have put on so much weight lately. Ask them, what have they done about it, and their instant response is that they plan to join a gym soon, or jog for a few miles every day.

And then you meet that same person again after a few months, only to see that they have put on more weight, and are back to complaining about it.

See, the problem here is not that your friend or relative doesn’t know the importance of exercising every day. The problem is, they fail to even make a start at losing weight.

What if, instead of aiming for exercising for a full-hour a day, they just start with taking a walk around their house for five minutes.

What do you think? Won’t that contribute at least a little to losing their weight. And isn’t it better to lose one pound a month, than to lose nothing at all.

And eventually, as they form this habit of walking every day, they will start to feel happier, and also healthier, from within. This will only make them practice more and more, and one day they will be surprised to find that they have even surpassed the goals they had begun with.

Makes so much sense, right?

But the sad thing is, I see others make the same mistake when it comes to practicing mindfulness and meditation.

We think a few minutes of practicing mindfulness and meditation every day won’t do us any good. We need to practice it for hours to become a master or to gain full benefit from it.

And then, we don’t even start with our practice.

If you can relate with this, then before you dismiss the power of starting small entirely, why not give it a try first?

Forget about having huge impacts, even if you think your tiny efforts every day won’t have any impact at all, I still urge you to give a few minutes of your day, every day, to living a mindful life.

Even if you can spare just ten minutes, do it. If you can’t spare ten minutes, then just try to spare five minutes each day.

If you can’t even do that, then try to practice mindful living for one minute.

And if even that sounds too much to you, then try to practice it for just one moment.

Every single moment has great potential in it. Sometimes, a single moment is enough to enlighten you towards the path of living a mindful life.

When you practice mindfulness for one moment, you don’t find it hard to add in one more moment, and then one more.

Then what you start with just a moment, expands to a minute, then to five minutes, then to ten, and this continues until one day you are surprised to find that you can be mindful for every moment in your day.

Your little efforts continue to add up every day, and help you tremendously in making it easier the next day.

What you do when you practice mindfulness for even a little time every day is that, behind the scenes, they are helping you form a habit of living with mindfulness, even though it may be just for a few minutes.

And once this habit starts to form inside you, you tend to become mindful with less effort, and you even take less time to become fully aware of everything that’s going on within and outside you.

This not only makes it easier for you to practice mindfulness whenever you want to, but also makes you look forward to practicing it more often and dive into the peaceful state of true mindfulness.

And all this, just because you decided to be mindful for a few moments every day.

I don’t know where you are in your mindfulness journey right now. If you’ve already started practicing mindfulness every day, great, keep doing it, that’s all you need to do for now.

But, if you haven’t started your mindfulness journey yet, then what are you waiting for? Start it today, even if it’s just for a few moments.

Don’t worry about how things will turn up tomorrow. Don’t worry if you should trust your time on practicing it or not. Don’t doubt the teachings. Don’t have second thoughts on it.

Just try to live with mindfulness for a few days, and see if you not feel at least a little peaceful, and at least a little happier from inside.

And if you do find it useful, then please share your experience with me. I always love to read your mails and your progress in living a mindful life.

I hope this article helps you to start practicing mindfulness today, with whatever little time you can give to it, with whatever little effort you practice it, with whatever dedication you decide to give it.

The important thing to do is to start first. And let the rest take care of itself.

Thank you for giving me your time. If you find this post useful, then please share it with one person who you think can benefit from reading it. You never know, who can end up making their lives mindful by just coming in touch with a single article, or even a single sentence on mindfulness.

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