How to Cultivate the Right Understanding in Life ? ( Hint: First Get Rid of the Wrong Understanding)

There are several approaches to help you become aware of your inner-self or to help you gain deeper self-understanding.

Today, let’s talk about one such approach.

There is a way that I know of that can help you to form the right understanding in your mind about everything, and that is to first become aware of all the wrong understandings you have about your life and then get rid of them altogether.

Think of this for yourself : When your mind is filled with all kinds of wrong understandings, then how is it possible for you to gain the right understanding?

Your old ways of thinking, and old ways of approaching everything in life can be the very barrier that hold you back from gaining this right understanding.

So, a good way to start with conscious living is to get rid of all such wrong ways of thinking from your mind, and then, when your mind is empty enough to be filled back again, fill it with the right thoughts, fill it with the right understandings.

The truths of life are simple to understand, and yet we fail to realize them only because our minds are too much filled with every wrong way of thinking.

Once the wrong thoughts go away from your mind, your mind becomes ready again to gain new thoughts, and that’s the time for you to make things right again by feeding your mind only the right thoughts, by having only the right feelings in your heart, by taking only the right actions in life, by saying only the right things to others.

So, what are these wrong understandings anyway? Here are a few :

1) You are Special, and Different from Everyone Else

The moment you start to believe that you are better than others in some way, that’s when this thought starts to form in your mind that you deserve to be treated in a better way than others.

Unfortunately, the time that we live in today favors only those who are good at something; being mediocre is looked down upon and ignored. While there is nothing wrong at being good at a skill that helps you make a living, support your family, take care of your household work, the problem comes when you begin to identify yourself totally with those skills.

Thinking of yourself as special not only fuels your ego and makes you treat others with less respect, but also makes you so attached to your sense of I’ness that it becomes a huge barrier to your own self-understanding and growth.

Once you get rid of such understanding, you can see that you, I, and everyone else in this planet is similar in so many ways. We all seek peace, happiness, and a purpose in life. We all want to get rid of every pain and suffering in life. Once this realization dawns upon you, you begin to treat everyone with the same respect that you have for yourself.

2) You are Only Your Body and Mind

If you are looking for the biggest mistake you can make in understanding your inner-self, then this might just take the top prize.

Our default way of understanding anything is to rely fully on what out senses tell us. We believe only what we can see, what we can hear, what we can smell, what we can touch, what we can feel, and what we can think with our minds; Anything beyond that, and we fail to understand it.

If I tell you to understand your consciousness, it becomes a difficult task. The immediate questions that come to your mind are : Where does my consciousness live? How does it look? Why can’t I feel it?

See, to understand something, you have to understand it in a way that it’s meant to be understood. For example, you can understand the difference between a red and a blue ball only when you see it. You can understand the difference between a pleasant and an unpleasant sound only when you hear it. You can understand the difference between a hot and a cold cup of tea only when you touch it.

So, you can understand something only when you try to understand it through some sense that’s used to understand it; your eyes, your ears, your nose, your tongue, your body, and your mind.

The same way, your consciousness can be understood only through itself. Your eyes can’t see it; it just isn’t capable enough for that. The same way your ears, your tongue, your nose, your body, and even your mind, to some extent, isn’t capable at all to understand it.

That’s why, you must try to form the understanding in your mind that your consciousness is different from your body and mind. That itself might help you form the right understanding about who you are and how can you gain deeper knowledge about yourself.

3) You have to be Selfish to Survive in This World

For some reason, we are made to believe that we can only succeed in life if we are selfish and mean. The world around us seems to favor only those who make their way by discarding everyone else in their way.

If only you realized that you can be successful, and I can be successful, and so can everyone else be successful together, you will see that being selfish has got nothing to do with your success. In reality, it’s exactly the opposite.

You don’t gain more from life when you want everything for yourself, but you start to gain more and more, and that too at moments you don’t even expect to, when you start giving everything you have to others.

When you act with selfishness, others can easily see it. Your partner, your friend, your colleague, everyone can see through your selfishness. And this not only destroys your relationship with everyone, but also makes the way for more pain and suffering to enter into your life.

Get rid of this selfishness, once and for all, and discover the peace of mind that comes when you are no longer concerned with wanting anything from life, and are ready to give it all you have.

4) You have to Put a Limit on Your Love and Kindness

While being selfish is bad for you in every way, putting a limit on your love and compassion is also a hurdle in your path of self-understanding.

When you limit your love to only a few people in your life, you create a boundary for yourself, beyond which you can’t expand.

Similarly, when you put a limit on your kindness to only your family, your society, your city, your country, or to those who are of same race, same caste, or same culture as you, you stop to grow beyond them.

The consciousness in you is same as the consciousness in me, which is further same as the consciousness in every being that exists in this planet.

So why limit your love and compassion to a selected few when you can expand them to every form of consciousness that exists throughout this universe?

Expand your love for others beyond your culture, beyond your country, and even beyond humanity, and let it spread across every human, every animal, every plant, and every form of living that can benefit from the generosity of your heart.

Seeing the Right Thing…

If you follow the steps above, it’s only a matter of time before you start to gain the right understanding in life.

And as you continue with your practice of conscious living, you will keep forming deeper and deeper understandings about everything that exists in this universe.

This will not only help you find peace and happiness at a deeper level within you, but also help you live such a life which will be the right life in every way.

Thank you for giving me your time.

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