The State of No Thought

Last week, you saw why you should not limit yourself to your thinking, and instead, be fully present in what you do.

Today, I want to say a few things on a rather advanced topic in meditation – the state of No Thought.

Well, it’s an advanced state to be in, at least for a beginner.

But what’s this state exactly? And of what use is it to you?

To find that, let’s back up a bit and, first, see what happens when you sit down for meditation.

At the start of your meditation, as usual, you may see one thought after another coming across in your mind. If you have enough practice behind you, you’ll know how to not make yourself participate in any of your thoughts, and simply keep your focus on your breath or whatever your object of contemplation.

Then, as the minutes pass by, and as you continue to dive deeper and deeper within yourself, you’ll find that the flow of your thoughts has started to decrease in its intensity.

Next, you’ll see that you can sense a feeling of oneness with your breath or your consciousness. And then, as this sense of oneness deepens, all the thoughts in your mind will further reduce in their intensity.

Finally, as you keep going on, you’ll come across moments in which your mind will become fully devoid of any thoughts, even though it may be only for a few seconds.

And that’s the state of No Thought.

With regular practice, you’ll be able to dwell in this state of No Thought for longer periods of time.

In this state, you’ll feel such deeper connection with your breath, and your consciousness, that’s unlike anything you have ever felt before.

You’ll be one with your breath, you’ll be one with your consciousness, and ultimately you’ll feel one with the whole universe.

This sense of oneness can last for a few seconds, or for a few minutes, depending upon the strength of your practice.

When you are new to meditation, you can consider this state of No Thought to be a good first goal to achieve.

A slight warning though – keep in mind that this shouldn’t be your ultimate goal at all. I say this because I see many Meditation Teachers online who only teach you to go into a particular state of mind, such as this No Thought one, and not help you move further beyond it.

That’s a very wrong approach towards meditation, and perhaps someday I should write about all the myths and misconceptions about meditation that I find so regularly online.

Anyway, the reason I recommend you to practice this state of No Thought is because, by default, we are used to using our mind all the time, without ever taking a pause to give it some much-needed rest.

Just like every other part of your body, your mind, too, needs a break from work, and this state of No Thought helps your mind to get it.

Further, the thoughts in our mind don’t allow us to dive into our consciousness ever.

Your thoughts try to do everything in their power to make you rush after them, and to satisfy them by giving them your full attention, until you get completely lost in your thoughts and forget to even gain a glimpse at your inner self for once in a day.

How sad is that!

Ask yourself, what’s the use of having so many thoughts running in your mind throughout the day, if they can’t help you realize who you really are from within?

This state of No Thought helps you address exactly that issue.

If you want to gain deeper understanding about yourself, and to know if there is anything more to you than your thoughts and your mind, try to reach the state of No Thought in your meditation as often as you can.

This won’t be easy at first. It may not be easy even after you have practiced a lot. But keep making efforts to be in this state.

When your thoughts become silent, and the only thing that remains in you is a sense of awareness itself, that’s when you start to see yourself for who you really are.

And this often is the beginning of another journey for many among us, which takes us a step further in our search towards understanding ourself.

Don’t just take my words for it. Try it yourself.

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