The Truth of This Moment

Every moment has its own truth.

This moment as I am writing these words, I can feel what’s the truth for me right now. And this moment, as you are reading these words, whenever it may be, is the truth of this moment for you.

Even when you sit down to meditate, it will help you if you can let go every thought from your mind which is related to your past or future, and if you can make yourself aware of what’s happening within you, inside your body and mind, in this moment.

If you can see this moment for what it is, neither good nor bad but just a passage of time, you will start to see the very nature of life for what it is.

Sometimes, when I go back through my earlier articles on this blog, I see that what I wrote earlier doesn’t exactly match with what I write now.

Earlier, I used to get worried about what others would think of me when they see me teaching two different things across different articles. But later, I learned to let all that go away, and focus only on if I am true to myself at that moment when I sit down to write.

Because as long as I am true to myself when I write, I have nothing to worry about, even if it contradicts what I’ve said before.

The important thing for me is to be honest in this moment, just as I was honest in those moments when I wrote my previous articles. The important thing is that I write down the truth as I see it without caring for what was the truth in my previous article, or what will be the truth in my future one.

Perhaps, you may like to take this approach in your own life too. When you get down to work today, or when you start with your daily chores for the family, don’t dwell too much on how you worked yesterday or how you’ll work tomorrow. Get down to doing your work with as much honesty and as much truth as you can see now. And let go every other thought from your mind.

If you can live the truth in every moment in your day today, then that’s enough. There is nothing more you need to do.

At times, after I publish an article, I wonder if I should have published it or not. Today, I don’t know how you will interpret this article; whether you will learn something from it, or whether you won’t see anything of value in it.

That’s not in my hands at all.

The only thing in my hands is to write down what I think to be the truth, what I believe to be the truth, and what I’ve experienced myself to be the truth. The rest I let go by.

Living one moment at a time is enough for me. Entertaining one thought at a time is enough for me. Writing down the truth of this moment is enough for me.

What about you? Are you living your truth in this moment?

Can you look back at your life and say with confidence that you have lived the truth at all moments in your life? If not, now is not too late to start.

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