Don’t Think, Be

One thing we all love to do is to think of ourself as some better version of ourself than what we really are.

We like to think that we are a mindful person, we are a good human being, and that we are walking towards the path of self-consciousness each day.

While as good as that sounds, a huge blunder that a lot among us make is that we stop ourselves at the thinking part only.

We forget about the action part. The being part of it.

Instead of being mindful everyday, we are more happy to think of being mindful. Instead of being peaceful, we think of being peaceful.

Why do we do this?

Because thinking of becoming something, besides being easy, also makes us believe that we have done our part of the day.

Even many of us meditate by actually thinking upon a thought for, say ten minutes.

However, as soon as we are out of our meditation, we let ourself get lost in the outside world and lose whatever we gained from our ten minutes of meditation.

But tell me this, what use is your thought to you if it only lasts for ten minutes, or for whatever time you meditate, and what use is it if you can’t live as per it for the rest of your day?

So, simply thinking positive and mindful thoughts won’t do. Want to know what works better than that?

It’s being the person in real life what you think of yourself to be.

I’d even go as far as to say that instead of thinking of mindful thoughts all day long, it’s more effective if you actually be that mindful person even if it’s only for a few minutes every day.

So, instead of thinking of peace within you, why not try to be fully at peace from within for ten minutes. Instead of limiting your peace to a thought in your mind, why not accept it in its entirety, and let everything be at peace fully – from your mind to your body, to all your senses, to all your feelings, to the very core of your consciousness.

Instead of thinking that someday you will be peaceful after all, someday you will feel deep happiness after all, why not try to be peaceful and happy right now? What’s there to stop you from doing it if that’s what you really want to have in this moment?

Can you try giving up your habit of thinking for once today? And instead can you let yourself fully be the person you want to be, today?

Why not try to do it right now, at this moment?

For the next few minutes, don’t think of any peaceful thoughts. Try to become fully peaceful from within and without.

Or, don’t think of any mindful thoughts, and try to become actually mindful of everything within and without.

Your mind and your thoughts can limit your growth in understanding your real Self. Break free from them, and let yourself fully be that person which you always want to become, but which you actually never try to become in your everyday life.

True progress in your inner journey can only be had from the combination of right thought with the right action. Thinking plus Being.

If anything stops you from being the person you want to be for a full day, try at least to become that person for a few minutes every day.

Be a peaceful person at least for ten minutes a day. Be a happy person for at least ten minutes a day. Be a mindful person for at least ten minutes a day. Be a quiet person for at least ten minutes a day.

That’s enough for a start. Later, you can always try to increase this time for which you remain peaceful or mindful.

Give yourself the permission to become the person you want to be. Give yourself the freedom to be the person you want to be. Give yourself the gift of becoming the person you want to be.

Give yourself this time any way you want, but do make yourself try to be the person you want to become, for a little time every day.

And then you will see that the more you practice being peaceful, happy, and mindful the more you’d want to be in that stage. And that will further fuel your desire to learn more and more about becoming that person and making your experience last for longer and longer time.

While your thoughts, your ideas, and your imaginations may be a good place to start living with mindfulness, you will make real progress only when you put your thoughts into action and start being the person in your day-to-day life.

Stop waiting for the right time to begin this, stop waiting for permission from anyone to do this, stop waiting for a miracle to happen for doing this, stop waiting for a teacher to tell you to do this.

Just make this decision right now as you read this, to become the person you want to be and start living the rest of your day actually being that person.

A life full of understanding, happiness, peace, and purpose is waiting for you. Why are you delaying it by not being the person you are meant to be?

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