The Power of Stillness

At times, especially when I’m doing my walking meditation, there are moments when I suddenly stop in my tracks and become still.

At such moments, I don’t talk, I don’t move, I don’t look here or there. I just remain in a state of stillness. And I feel this stillness so intensely within me that nothing else seems worth thinking of at that moment.

Then slowly, slowly, as my body starts to react to the environment and to the noise around me, I get out of this stage of stillness and continue with what I was doing.

While such moments of stillness are quite common in my day-to-day life, the reason being that I practice a lot of meditation and mindfulness, I see no reason why you can’t experience such moments yourself even if you are new to practicing mindfulness and meditation.

Cultivating this habit of stillness is something you should strive to, if you haven’t already done so.

In a typical day, you come in contact with tens or even hundreds of people. The only thing that can help you maintain your hold over your mind, keep your mind steady, and gain your self-control, is such moments of stillness that act as a reminder to you to be in this moment, to be in the here, to be in the now.

Such moments of stillness can come any time; when you are taking a walk, when you are having dinner with your family, when you are watching tv, even when you are among a hundred people in some mall.

When you come in touch with such moments, remember that it’s okay to have a few seconds, or a few minutes, to yourself.

The world won’t collide in that time. No one will think anything is wrong about you. Well, even if they do, let them do so. Continue to observe with full awareness this moment of stillness.

Because whenever you come out of such moments of stillness, you will find that you are able to see everything else around you in a new light. Something just happens within you that makes you look everything around you with a freshness and clarity that you never had before.

Those are wonderful moments to be in. You, too, will agree with me about this when you experience such moments first-hand.

These moments are full of peace and quietness, and they have a huge potential to awaken a new understanding within you.

But you have to learn to recognize them, and be mindful enough of yourself to know when they teach you something new about yourself, or about the world around you.

Stillness carries such power with it, that it can change the core of your thinking within a minute. It’s so powerful that it can change your whole outlook towards life.

No doubt it’s worth investing every effort to experience this stillness.

And besides experiencing it yourself, you should also learn to respect this stillness in others.

When you see anyone absorbed in this stillness, which is a rare event to see in today’s tech-filled world, don’t disturb them unless it’s absolutely urgent to do so. Don’t make any noise around them.

Let them enjoy their moment of stillness in their own way.

Though there are different levels of stillness, and you can be in the most superficial level of it, or the most deeper level of it, a good thing you can do today after you read this post is to spend a few minutes away from everything that’s happening around you.

Just for a few minutes, try to become as still as your can, not only in your actions, but in your thoughts, in your feelings, in your breath.

See if you can do anything that can further deepen your awareness about this stillness. How about walking away from your desk or your room, and going outside and breathing the fresh air for a few minutes?

Can you try this a few more times today?

Even better, can you make this a habit to become still across different moments in your day?

Because no matter how often you try to become still, it will never be enough. And that’s because the more you become still, the more your consciousness starts to reveal itself to you and the more you start to understand about yourself.

This further fuels the desire in you to practice stillness more and more often, which in turns deepens your awareness about yourself further and further.

While I don’t know if you had any such powerful moments of stillness in your life so far, I can only suggest you, for now, to practice it as often as you can.

I remember reading a book on this topic by Eckhart Tolle, Stillness Speaks. Though I don’t exactly remember the content inside that book now, I think it might be a good place for you to start if you are interested in learning more about stillness.

I also wrote a small article reflecting upon becoming still a few years ago. You can read that here.

I hope that will be enough for you to get started with living with stillness today.

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