Why You Don’t Have Peace of Mind Right Now?

I want you to be honest with me. Tell me, are you at peace in this moment?

Do you believe you have everything you need to be peaceful right now as you read this?

Were you fully at peace with yourself before you opened up this article to read?

My guess is, probably not. Am I right?

I know you have your own definition about being in a peaceful state; perhaps you are at peace when you do your meditation, or when you take a walk in your garden, or when you are with your family, or even when you listen to your favorite song.

But the peace that I talk about is the one which doesn’t need you to be in a specific place, or at a specific time, or with some specific thing you need to have with you.

The peace I want you to understand about is the one which you can have any time you want, any place you want, without the need to have anything at all.

This peace is the one that a mindful person lives in all the time irrespective of whether he is meditating, walking, listening to a song, or if he is alone or with a family.

That’s the peace I am talking about and which I want you to be in all the time.

One reason you don’t have this peace of mind right now is because you keep searching for it all the time.

You are always searching for another article, another book, another course, or another teacher that will help you finally find the coveted peace you had been looking for all the time.

You are searching for that peace even now as you read this article.

To be fully peaceful, not just in your body or mind or in your actions, but deep down within yourself, you must put an end to this search right now.

Stop searching for a peaceful tomorrow. Make peace become a part of your life today. Make it happen right now as you read these words.

And don’t let even your mind cloud your inner peace. Your mind is often the main enemy that comes between you and peace.

It’s your mind that keeps pestering you about what you don’t have in this moment, instead of making you feel grateful for what you already have.

So, don’t let your mind rush you in search of a peaceful future, and make it find peace right in this moment.

To do that, try to clear your mind, make it still, or ignore it if that’s what you need to do. But do it right now, and simply become a witness to this moment.

With the mind still, and you thinking of yourself as a witness, and not a participant, you should start to feel some peace within you right now.

A word of caution though.

Ending your search doesn’t mean that you don’t need to read and gain new knowledge about your inner Self. But it only means that you don’t let your search interfere in any way with the peace that already exists in this moment, right here, right now.

If you are further interested in learning more about becoming a peaceful person, I have written a step-by-step article on it. Click here to read it.

And let me know if you still struggle with living in peace. I am always happy to help you.

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