What To Do If You Find it Hard to Live With Mindfulness?

Sometimes, readers ask me how do they apply all that they learn about mindfulness and meditation from me in their everyday life.

For some reason, they have this idea that it’s easy for me to do all that I say, but that their life is totally different from mine and it’s not possible for them to do the same.

If you, too, think so, then let me tell you the truth.

Walking on the spiritual path in life is hard for all of us.

It’s as difficult for me to live a spiritual life and practice mindfulness and meditation, as it is for you, or as it is for anyone else.

No one gets a discount or a bonus to live a spiritual life. If anything, you have to work hard on your practice to make any progress at all.

If you just keep telling yourself that your case is different than everyone else’s, and you don’t have the time or energy to practice mindfulness every day, then such type of thinking is a barrier in itself.

The sooner you overcome this barrier, the faster you will advance ahead in your mindfulness practice.

See, each one of us, no matter what profession we belong to, like to think that somehow we are different from the other person. We believe that what applies to someone else doesn’t apply to us, as our case is fully different from them.

You think you have to work ten hours a day, or take care of your two-year old, or live with your parents, or a hundred other reasons for why you can’t practice mindfulness in your daily life.

If it’s any consolation to you, then let me tell you that I, too, have faced my fair share of doubts regarding this.

When I started practicing meditation, which was more than eight years ago, I only used to practice it for a fixed time every day. And then I continued with my routine life for the rest of my day, with my normal way of thinking.

I thought that meditating for a few minutes was enough for me, and that I didn’t had to practice it more than that.

But as you can tell now, if you’ve followed my writings long enough, that you should meditate and try to be mindful of yourself as many times in a day as you possibly can.

That’s the only way to make rapid progress with your practice.

But, unfortunately, this simple piece of insight is what we miss so easily.

So, it’s time you let go every barrier, every lie, every ignorant thought, that you have told yourself in order to avoid living with mindfulness.

I had to do this to advance in my practice, and you, too, must do that if you want to advance in your practice.

The moment I started to include mindfulness and meditation more and more into my life, the better my understanding grew about myself and the more mindful I became because of it.

And that’s what I want you to take away from today’s post.

No matter what perceptions or images you have formed about your mindfulness practice; No matter how difficult you’ve made it for yourself to practice mindfulness in your daily life; The only way to advance in your mindfulness practice, the only way to gain deeper insights and knowledge about your Self is to get rid of every thought, every idea, that tells you how hard it is for you to practice mindfulness.

Whenever you are faced with such thoughts, then become mindful of yourself right then and there and practice mindfulness at that moment itself to ward off such doubts.

The more you face your doubts as and when they arise, and the more you practice mindfulness right at that moment, the less your doubts will begin to bother you.

Still, if you find it hard to meditate or practice mindfulness as often as you’d like to, then that’s a clear sign that you have to actually practice them more and more.

And if you get stuck anywhere while doing so, I’m always here to help you.

Thank you for your time. I hope today’s post acts as a reminder to you whenever you get stuck with your practice.

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