How to Stop Being a Slave to Your Mind?

Every day, from the moment we wake up to the moment we go to sleep, we use our mind to make every little decision for us.

While that in itself isn’t a bad thing, but when you limit yourself to only using your mind to guide you, you begin to lose your path in life.

You see, on one side our mind is highly-capable of making the right choices for us, but on the other side it also creates two harmful by-products in that process : Desire and Ego.

And it’s these desires and ego which often end up doing us more harm than benefit in the long run.

Desires by their very nature are never-ending. We fulfill one desire, only to move to another one, and then still another one, and so on.

And our ego, which is nothing but our sense of I’ness, makes us selfish and tells us to take an action only if there is something in it for us.

And then, whether we act as per our desires, or as per our ego, the result is we only end up making the wrong choices in life.

So, is there a way to break free from the domination that our mind has over us?

Fortunately, there is one. If you use this way which I’ll talk about next, you can once and for ever stop being a slave to your mind.

And the way to do this is to Awaken Your Consciousness.

As long as you are busy using your mind for everything you do, your consciousness hides itself in the background. It allows your mind to do whatever it wants, since that’s what you want. Right?

But the moment you tell yourself, “Alright. I had enough of my mind. It has only led me to living a superficial life. It’s responsible for all the suffering I’ve faced in my life. Now it’s time I start to work on connecting with my consciousness, and using it instead of my mind to make the right choices for me.”

Once you say that to yourself, you are ready to take the next step, which is to actually learn more and more about your consciousness, and then take at least some action every day to get closer and closer to it.

Once you start to live in sync with your consciousness, you can see for yourself what a huge difference it makes to your life.

You start to feel more confident about your decisions. You learn to figure out on your own what’s the right thing for you to do at any moment in your day. You learn to see yourself more than just your body and mind, and you start to see that you are so much, so much, more than that.

The more and more you learn about your consciousness and try to connect with it, the less and less your mind will have its hold on you.

And the moment you become fully conscious of yourself is the moment you stop being a slave to your mind, once and for all.

Thank you for your time.

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