Learn to See the Truth for Yourself

One mistake I see people make in their spiritual journey is to rely on their master blindly.

They practice what their master tells them, without thinking on their own, and they hope that by doing that they can get enlightened in some future day.

But that’s not the path that I’ve followed. And that’s not the path that I recommend to you.

While it’s not wrong for you to trust your master and trust his knowledge, but the problem starts when you begin to trust him blindly.

The problem starts when you stop to think and validate on your own the truth of his teachings. The problem starts when you let yourself live passively and let him make every choice for you, without taking the effort and action on your own to advance in your spiritual path.

If you are reading Life Beginner since some time, you know I don’t teach that way. I want you to think of what I write, test it and validate it, for yourself.

That’s why you never hear me tell you that you don’t have to take any effort in meditation, or if it’s easy to get enlightened.

Nothing of that sort. Instead if you just go back on my blog you can see how often I stress the importance of regular practice of mindfulness and meditation; how often I say that it’s a journey that takes us years to gain mastery in, and not weeks or months.

Last week I opened up my consulting sessions for you (by the way, I’ve updated it with an option to choose a VIP session and to give you a quick view of what session will be best for you), and I tell you about this even on my consulting page.

That’s because I don’t want you to be under any illusion that any master, any meditator with no matter how many years of experience behind him, can magically turn you into a highly spiritual person.

That never happens.

It would’ve been so easy for me to set up a consulting page, and ask you directly for money without bothering to tell you about how I teach.

Instead, I share every important detail with you and explain everything you can expect from me, and what I expect from you.

In fact, I don’t even give you the choice to book your session, unless you have scrolled for 8 pages. Why did I do that? So that I can work only with the right people.

By letting you read first all about the sessions, those who aren’t serious about living a spiritual life and practicing meditation will easily give up. That only leaves me with those who are serious about understanding more about mindfulness and meditation.

And that’s exactly the person that I want to spend my time with and teach them everything I’ve learned from my eight years of practice.

Coming back to the point, no one, not me nor anyone else, can help you advance in your spiritual practice unless you have a strong will to advance. No one can help you gain clarity and insight unless you are ready to put in the effort and thinking it takes to achieve them.

Whether you learn about meditation from me, or from ten other blogs, it doesn’t matter. What matters is that you analyze every thing that I or anyone else tells you about them.

Following anyone blindly can not only slow down what you achieve from your practice, but it can even turn you into the wrong path and push you years behind from gaining the right understanding.

And the only solution out of it is to validate everything you learn, no matter who you learn from.

Once you start to validate what any master tells you, you will start to see for yourself who is right and who is wrong. You will see for yourself who can help you the most and who can only delay your progress.

Though, at some level, you may have to trust your master to gain deeper knowledge, but at the start always try to see if what they teach makes proper sense to you.

Validate every little thing they say. Validate what they tell you to do, and what they actually do in their life.

Validate what affect their teachings have on you – do they make you positive, knowledgeable, and peaceful and happy, OR do they make you negative, ignorant, and confused and unhappy.

Do their teachings clear away your doubts and make you see things for yourself, OR do they make you more doubtful and rely only on your master to tell you things.

Those are a few questions you should ask yourself before you are ready to trust any master.

From my experience I can see two things that can help you advance in your spiritual journey at a fast rate. The first is to find the right master; it doesn’t even have to be someone alive and can be one you found in some book. The second is to validate and test for yourself the truth about their teachings.

When you get both the things right, nothing can stop you from advancing every day in your spiritual path. Nothing can stop you from gaining clarity and insights on your own. Nothing can stop you from doing the right thing, gaining the right understanding, living with right mindfulness, and, ultimately, living the right life.

If you can take away one thing from this post take this : no matter who teaches you, don’t accept their teachings until you validate for yourself the truth about them.

First, learn to see the truth for yourself, and then, the truth will start to reveal itself to you.

Thanks for your time.

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