The Key Difference Between One Who Advances in Mindfulness & One Who Doesn’t

Today, I want to make you aware of a mistake I see people make, with regards to practicing mindfulness and meditation.

Maybe you make this same mistake.

Ask yourself, what steps do you take in your own life to advance in mindfulness and meditation.

Buy books? Read blogs? Ask some expert? Watch youtube videos?

Whatever it is that you do, it’s the next question that I’m more concerned about.

Once you gain the knowledge, what do you do with it?

Most people I know, continue with their lives as if nothing new has happened to them. They consume as much information as they can about practicing mindfulness and meditation, and then they are back to where they were.

In short, they limit themself to only knowing the information.

And this is the biggest mistake you can make in your own practice.

Just because you know what meditation is, doesn’t mean you actually don’t have to meditate. Just because you know what mindfulness is, doesn’t mean that you actually don’t have to be mindful.

Knowing about them shouldn’t be your goal. It’s the next two steps that should be :

1) Understanding them to their fullest

Whenever you learn anything new about mindfulness and meditation, try to understand it fully. Don’t let a single doubt go unanswered.

Keep looking for answers in books, blogs, videos, or whatever it may be that you prefer, but keep looking until you find the answers to all your questions.

Keep looking until you understand the answers.

Understanding the teachings on mindfulness and meditation is the actual first step that helps you advance in your practice. If you don’t understand these teachings, it makes no difference whether you know all the teachings in the world or not.

So, the first key to advance in your mindfulness and meditation practice is to clearly understand as much about them as you can.

Of course, you may not find all the answers right away, but make sure that whatever little you do know, you understand it to the best of your ability.

2) Putting your understanding into practice

Further, some people stop at the understanding phase itself. They think they know what to do, and they understand what to do, so that should be enough to advance in mindfulness and meditation.

Wrong again.

Reading a hundred books on meditation is nothing compared to spending a day actually meditating. Reading a thousand articles on mindfulness is nothing compared to spending a day actually putting mindfulness into practice.

Just as there is a difference between knowing and understanding, similarly there is a difference between understanding and practicing.

Understanding something is 100x more effective than simply knowing, and the same way, practicing is 100x more effective than understanding.

The more you keep applying what you understand about mindful living, the more mindful you keep becoming with each day.

To Conclude…

Those are the two things that separate the ones who advance rapidly in their mindfulness and meditation practice, and the ones who stay where they are or who make very little progress.

Which one would you like to be?

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