How to Meditate with Contemplation

Earlier, I wrote about how to meditate using your breath.

Today, I want to share with you another way of meditation, which is also easy to do and has its own benefits.

This meditation, when done along with meditation on breath, can produce great results for you.

And this way of meditation is nothing but to meditate with contemplation.

Now, what does this exactly mean?

To put it in a simple way, it means to meditate by trying to understand the nature of everything in this universe, including the universe itself.

If this sounds something totally new to you, then you should go slowly with this technique.

In the beginning, you should start small, by understanding yourself, and then move beyond yourself to greater and greater things, until you gain the right understanding about this universe itself.

So, how do you do that?

First, you contemplate, i.e. think deeply, on the nature of your own body, the nature of your thoughts, the nature of your mind, the nature of your desires, the nature of your feelings.

Then you move beyond them. You think on the nature of this world and of every living-being in it, and the nature of every material object in it.

Then you move further beyond. You reflect upon the nature of planets, the nature of stars and suns, the nature of galaxies and solar systems, until you fully comprehend the nature of this universe itself.

When you contemplate on all these phenomena, you begin to realize the temporary nature of everything around you. More than anything else, you see the temporary nature of your own body and mind.

You see how futile it is to invest so much time, energy, and thought on your desires and to fulfill every little need of your body and mind, when the truth is one day you will have to leave them no matter what.

You see how everything that is ever created in this universe is eventually going to die, no matter how big or strong it is.

So whether it’s a insect whose life span can be measured in days, or a human whose life span can be measured in years, or planets and galaxies whose life span can be measured in millions and even billions of years, or the universe itself with the biggest life span of all,┬ánothing can exist forever, and no matter how small or big, everything in this universe that borns has to die some day.

The universe itself keeps expanding and contracting all the time, and everything in it keeps getting created and destroyed all the time.

The whole cycle of this world keeps repeating. So while a hundred years, or even a million years may seem very long to you in terms of human life, the reality is it’s nothing compared to the age of this universe.

This whole cycle of creation of planets and galaxies has gone infinite number of times before you and me, and it will go on an infinite number of times after you and me.

That’s the nature of the universe itself.

So, what can someone such as you or me do, when we seem so insignificant in terms of what effect we have in this universe?

Should we just think that no matter what we do with our life, it won’t have any lasting impact on this universe, or can we do something that actually has an impact on our own life forever, even beyond our death.

That’s something worth contemplating about. And you should think about this on your own.

Whether you just believe whatever I wrote above, (though there is nothing new in them, and you can find that same knowledge in the teachings of Buddha, Gita and Upanishads) or whether you come to such conclusions on your own, the truth won’t change for you or me.

We have to learn to live with this truth, and figure out a way to get out of this cycle of birth and death, and pain and suffering, once and for all.

And that’s what you will achieve one day, if you start today to meditate with contemplation on the nature of everything in this universe.

When you finish reading this post, don’t just move on to another thing in your to-do list today. Close your eyes and meditate on all this for a while.

Don’t believe anything that I said that doesn’t match with your own thinking and with your own logic. But do try to find the truth for yourself with an open mind.

I am sure you can find the answers on your own; if not today, then definitely some other day. But the key here is to keep contemplating on everything that exists in this universe.

Do that, and if you face any problems just write to me. I will be glad to help you in any way I can.

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