Why You Should Regularly Put Your Mindfulness to the Test

How often do you challenge yourself to live in situations that are tough for you to live in?


Then may be it’s time for you to challenge yourself more frequently, so that you can do a reality check on how strong you are from within.

You see, the real measure of your mindfulness strength is done only when you put your mindfulness to the test. And the best way to test how mindful you are is to go through situations that challenge you from deep within.

When you go through any such situation in your life which makes you angry, or irritates you, or makes you even slightly uncomfortable, then that’s a good moment for you to check if you can still remain in a mindful state and stay peaceful from within.

It’s hard to measure how strong you are from within without throwing yourself out in the open and going through situations that demand the best from you.

At such challenging moments, you can see for yourself if you are strong enough to maintain your mindful state, or whether you succumb to the temptations and chaos around you.

To live with mindfulness all the time is hard. Really hard.

I know how often I fail to live with mindfulness in my own life. This happens so regularly in my life that sometimes I wonder if I even have a right to teach others on this subject when I myself haven’t mastered it fully yet.

But the good part is, for every single time that I fail to keep my mindfulness I succeed at least twenty other times to maintain my mindful state. So, I guess that’s not as bad as it might look.

And that’s why, I urge you so often to practice mindfulness and meditation. Because I know one thing for sure : Even if you practice mindfulness and meditation every day, you’ll fail many times in your day to remain mindful of yourself.

So, the important thing to realize here is that if you fail so often in spite of practicing mindfulness every day, then imagine how often you’ll fail if you didn’t practice living with mindfulness at all?

The answer is at least ten-to-twenty times more often.

To come to a more accurate answer the only way is to keep testing your mindfulness from time to time.

If you don’t put your mindfulness to test, then how will you know if you have become more mindful than you were before? There is no way you can test that without challenging yourself.

It’s easy to remain peaceful when everyone else around you is peaceful. It’s easy to do the right thing when everyone else around you does the right thing. It’s easy to be kind and generous when everyone else around you is the same.

But such situations don’t test the full strength of your mindfulness.

To perform a true test of your mindfulness, see how you think and act under harsh conditions.

For example, can you remain peaceful when everyone else around you is loud? Can you do the right thing when everyone else around you does wrong? Can you be kind and generous when everyone else around you is selfish and mean?

It’s times like these that test the true toughness of your mindfulness practice. And when you go through such times, you know for real where you stand with regards to your mindfulness, and whether you need to practice it more seriously than you do now.

So starting today, try to put your mindfulness to test from time to time. Observe how you respond to similar events over a period of time. Observe if you act with more mindfulness than you did before, OR check if it’s the other way around?

When faced with challenges, your regular practice of mindfulness must come to your rescue. If it doesn’t, then that’s a sign that you are doing something wrong. See what that is and then try to correct it.

Now, when you test your mindfulness, how do you know if you have become more mindful than before?

You can look out for a few signs : when the outer chaos around you doesn’t disturb your inner peace as much as it did before, when the wrong acts of others don’t make you as much angry as they did before, when the selfish acts of others don’t make you act selfishly as before, that’s when you know that you are becoming more mindful than you were before.

That’s also the moment when you know you are headed in the right direction in life.

If that’s you, then great. Just keep walking the path you’ve been walking and one day you are sure to reach your goals.

And if it isn’t you, then you have a lot of catch-up to do. Start working on strengthening your mindfulness practice today, and one day you too will start heading in the right direction.

If you need any help with it, write to me. I am always glad to help you walk your path of mindfulness.

Thanks for your time. If you know anyone who will benefit from reading this post, please share this with them.

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