When Your Mind Becomes Your Own Enemy

We like to think that our mind is one of the greatest friends that we have. While that may be the case for some, the sad truth is for many among us our mind also becomes our greatest enemy.

Your mind becomes your own enemy when :

  1.  It makes you think of past or future all the time
  2.  It stops you from living in the now
  3.  It fills you with negative thoughts
  4.  It makes you angry, jealous, and selfish
  5. It feeds your ego and makes you think that the real you is your body, and not your consciousness
  6. It makes you lazy and ignore your responsibilities in life
  7.  It makes you act and do things that will only cause you pain and suffering in the long run

But do you ever wonder why, and how, does your own mind becomes your greatest enemy?

This happens when you let your mind do whatever it wants – be it right or wrong. This happens when your mind makes important decisions on its own without consulting your consciousness first. This happens when your mind is filled with the wrong thoughts and isn’t capable in any way to think what’s right for it and what’s not.

So, to overcome all that we have to make our mind our best friend. Only that will advance us towards gaining the right wisdom and knowledge in life. Without making your mind your friend, how can you use it to gain the right knowledge and walk the right path in life.

If you are lucky enough to become enlightened one day, then sure, you may not need to rely on your mind as much as you do now. But until that time comes, you need to take care of your mind, and make sure that it remains on your side, when the time comes to put your mindfulness and meditation into practice and when you face any tough situations in life.

A good way to turn your mind from your enemy to your greatest buddy is to, first, fill it with the right thoughts, then work on gaining the right understanding in life, followed by working on what’s the greatest knowledge in the world. Do these few things and that’s enough for now to please your mind and make it your friend.

The more you keep working on the above things, the more closer you come to understanding the nature of the mind itself and how you can use this knowledge to make your mind do whatever you want it to do.

True knowledge will automatically make you aware of your mind at a deeper level. You will see for yourself how you have been a slave to your mind for most part of your life, and what you can do now to make sure that this isn’t the case for the rest of your life.

Then your mind won’t be angry when things don’t happen the way it wants. Your mind will observe itself, and understand the situation, and understand that it is angry. With deeper observation, your mind will become aware of the anger the moment it gets angry, and then it can let go that anger knowing that it is only temporary in nature, and will remain calm and peaceful.

The same way, your mind will be aware of your jealousy, your selfishness, your ego, and your every thought and feeling that makes you do the wrong thing. Once you have overcome all these negativity in your life, that’s when you know that you have made your mind a good friend who is going to support you every day from now to become more and more conscious of yourself.

Then once it becomes your friend, you can only make great progress with each day. You can only walk the right path in life. You can only do things that are universally right.

Then how can you ever lose your path in life? How can you ever take the wrong actions in life? How can you ever cause pain and suffering to yourself or any other being?

You can’t.

You can only remain peaceful, and be kind and compassionate to every being in this planet. You can only walk the right path and do the right thing no matter what the consequences.

Then you start to live your life the way you were meant to live it, before all the conditioning of your mind happened. To make your mind your best friend is nothing but to remove every conditioning of your mind, and then make your mind as pure as you can so that the thoughts that your mind thinks are pure, the actions it makes you act on are pure, the path it tells you to walk is pure.

And isn’t that something which all of us want in our life?

When you know you have to live with your mind all your life, when you know you can’t live the right life without first making your mind right, when you know understanding your mind is the very basic step that you need to take to live with mindfulness, then why not start befriending it today?

And once you make it your friend, then why not start guiding it in the right direction. And once you start to guide it in every situation, then why not try to master it once and for all. Once you master your mind it will only do what YOU want it to do. And then you can think the right thoughts, take the right actions, and live with right mindfulness every waking moment of your life.

Won’t that be great? Think about this for today.

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