Have You Lost Connection With Your True Self?

In today’s world of iPhones, tablets, and super-fast gadgets, we want everything to happen fast and get instant results.

We don’t have time to wait for things to happen. We want everything in our life to happen at a pace that we want.

What’s more, we have become so attached to all forms of comforts in our life that we find it impossible to live without them.

Ask yourself : Can you give up using your phone, your car, or your tv for a week?


What about giving them up for a day?

Still hard. Isn’t it?

No wonder we have become a slave to all our comforts and gadgets, instead of making them our slave.

With so much gadgets and technology around us, with every comfort of life at our finger-tips, it’s easy to lose touch with who we really are. ( I recently read a great post on this from Joshua Becker of becomingminimalist.com, who is someone I regularly follow. You can read that post here. )

The important question to ask yourself is what’s the quality of life you live if you have to depend so heavily on worldly objects to make your life meaningful. Is there no meaning to your life without them?

The truth is, when you look for meaning in your life in worldly objects, it only makes you wander from one wrong path to another, until you completely lose track of the essential things that make our life meaningful : love, empathy, kindness, and living with mindfulness.

You can only understand your life when you look within yourself. If you look for answers in the outside world, you will only fail, and then that failure will make you frustrated and angry with yourself.

So what’s the solution to this?

Try to look for happiness within. Practice mindfulness all the time and see for yourself what adds meaning, and what adds clutter, to your life. Meditate everyday to understand your own nature and the nature of your mind.

And above all, instead of just reading this post and doing nothing, take some action today to make new changes in your life.

If you think you are one such person who has lost connection with who he/she is, then what stops you now from taking the right action? Why do you delay your practice of understanding the true self by another day? What are you waiting for?

If you keep delaying your mindfulness and meditation practice for one flimsy reason or another, then you will never EVER make any progress towards knowing who you truly are.

When we are young, we like to think that now it’s time to enjoy our life and we can always practice mindfulness and meditation later. Even the older ones among us like to think that they still have a long life to live and shouldn’t bother about working on their mindfulness practice yet. And the rest of us, who are somewhere in the middle of our lives, like to think that some day we will retire from our work and then we will have enough time to pursue our meditation or spiritual goals.

If that’s the case, then let me tell you, before it’s too late for you to see for yourself, that that day will almost never come in your life.

Because then you will have totally another set of things to worry about – your family, your health, your finances, and a dozen different things you haven’t even thought about yet. Who will you blame then?

So the best thing you can do today is to work on things that take you closer to your real self. Start working on this right now as you read this post, and make one positive change in your life before this day ends.

Postpone this till tomorrow and you are likely to postpone it for the rest of this year, and even the rest of your life.

To understand your life and stay in connection with your inner self, first, start to take yourself seriously. Learn mindfulness and meditation before it’s too late to learn them. When your body becomes old, or when you are bombarded with worries, it becomes hard to focus your mind and learn mindfulness and meditation. Learn them while you still have time, and while you’re still in the best of your health.

If you are stuck at any point, just tell me – write to me and I will help you for free without asking for anything in return. What more do you want?

Do this simple exercise today : Take some time out from your schedule to think about what things in your life do you heavily depend on, and which one of them you can do without.

Then, remove all those things from your life that take you away from your real self. Remove all those things from your life that only add physical or mental clutter to your life. Remove all those things that turn you into a selfish and mean person, instead of a kind and compassionate one.

If you can spare a few minutes, try this right now.

Don’t let the useless objects and priorities in your life take over the most useful goal that every one of us needs to fulfill before we die – to understand the truth about ourself.

Let mindfulness and meditation become a part of your daily life, as only that can make you connect back with your true self.

Your life is way more precious than any form of technology, any form of comfort in your life. Don’t waste it away without connecting with your true self.

Thank you for your time.

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