How We Lose Our Path in Life & How to Find it Back

Every day, you walk on your path in life.

But do you ever question yourself whether the path that you walk on is the right one or not?

What if you keep walking this path for the rest of your life, only to find one day that you were walking the wrong path all the time?

Can you turn back then and undo the wrong things you have done in your life?

The sad thing is you can’t.

That’s why, you should question yourself, from time to time, about what your path in life is made of, and whether you are walking on the right one.

So, what is this path made of anyway? And what is it that makes us lose our path? And once we lose it, what do we have in our hands to change that path and walk the right one instead?

Our path in life is made of nothing but our thoughts, our feelings, our experiences, our conditioning of mind, and our actions.

We lose our path in life when :

  • Instead of making choices on our own, we let others make the important choices for us.
  • Instead of taking responsibility for our own actions, we put that responsibility on others and then blame them for the outcome.
  • Instead of listening to the voice within, we listen to every other voice around us except our own.
  • Instead of giving up selfishness, jealousy, anger, and violence, we give up kindness, appreciation, love, and peace.
  • Instead of following the path that we know for sure is the right one, we let ourselves walk the path that only has unhappiness and suffering stored for us.

When you try to think of why you take the wrong path in life, the two main reasons for that are 1) You don’t know what is the right path in life & 2) Even after knowing the right path you don’t walk on it.

The good part is, no matter how old you are, it’s still never too late for you to figure out the right path, and then walk on it while you still have time.

I’ll admit it’s not that easy to recover your path in life once you have lost it. But I can tell this from my own experience that it’s definitely doable.

You don’t know the right path in life only because of your ignorance. So what you need is a light which can dispel the darkness of ignorance around you, and show you the clear way ahead.

And the thing that can show you the light is nothing but your practice of mindfulness and meditation.

You know how often I stress upon the importance of practicing mindfulness and meditaion every day. There is a reason why : those are the only things, along with the right contemplation and understanding about yourself, that can show you the right path in life.

Without them, you will only get lost, and keep getting further and further away from your core purpose in life. Is that what you want?

I know that the path of life is hard to understand. And even when we understand it, it’s hard to walk on.

But the reality is this path is as hard for you to walk, as it is for me, and as it is for anyone else in this world. This path was hard to walk on before, it’s hard to walk on now, and it will be hard to walk on in future.

It never gets easier. You must know that.

The right path is always hard to walk on because very few ones in this planet dare to even think of walking this path. And even among those who think to walk on it, very few decide to walk on it. And even among those who decide to walk on it, very few actually walk on it.

Now, the important question you have to ask yourself is what will you do about your path in life.

Ignore it fully?

OR Maybe think of it sometimes?

OR Will you be among those rare few who not only decide once and for all to walk on it, but who actually take action and dive in ahead.

If you do decide to walk on this path, there are a few things you should know beforehand.

Just because you decide to walk on the right path, doesn’t mean that the path will get easier for you. But once you decide to walk on your path no matter what happens in life, you will find that with each day you have started to move closer to your most important goals in life, which is something that never happened before.

You will find that you have broken the monotony of life and started living one day at a time, one moment at a time, and feeling the full power of the present moment. And you begin to wonder how you missed all this before.

Then, with each day you will know yourself better. With each day you will find the solution to your problems in life. With each day you will learn something new about yourself, about the world around you, and find signs of affirmations that will prove to you that you have made the right choice in life.

Then, one by one the delusions of your mind will begin to fade away. One by one the right thoughts will start coming to your mind. One by one you will start to make the right choices and take the right actions in life.

One by one you will start changing the life of others around you, and start to spread the message of living the right life by living this right life yourself.

Soon, life will start to open its doors for you. What once seemed impossible will become possible. What once seemed far away will come near. What once made you weaker will make you stronger. What once made you run in fear will make you rise and shine.

That’s how the path of life is. That’s how the path of life has always been.

Knowing this, why let what’s outside you decide how you are supposed to live your life. Why not dive within and discover your path in life for yourself.

For today, one of the most important questions you can ask yourself is are you ready to walk the right path in your life starting now? Or are you going to let some meaningless thing come again between you and your path?

The decision is yours and so are the consequences.

Think about this today.

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