The Year That Was and The Year That’s Ahead

As another year comes to an end, and another year begins, it’s a good time to reflect on the events of the past year and prepare yourself for the year ahead.

This year, just like every other year, I succeeded and failed at several things in my life. I went through several happy moments and several painful ones in this year. I bet it was the same for you.

As we all have our own problems to worry about, I won’t bore you with mine. So in today’s post I only want to share with you some numbers related to the life beginner blog.

I rarely talk about what’s going on behind this blog, but I thought that, as a reader, you may like to know about it.

A quick review of 2015

If I had to pick up one thing about 2015 that was the best decision for this blog, then I would say that it’s sticking to a consistent publishing schedule. I started this blog in January 2013, but I failed several times to create or stick to a fixed schedule for publishing my articles.

Now, since past five months, I have published one article every Wednesday on this blog. Depending upon your time zone, and which part of the world you live in, you may have received my emails a bit earlier or a little late. But I stuck to my schedule even when it meant publishing an article late in the night.

That’s something I am really happy about. And I can see the results of publishing consistently for myself. Here is a snapshot of how this blog performed in 2015 compared to 2014.


As you can see, this year, roughly 42,000+ people visited this blog, and the blog generated 73,000+ pageviews, which to me is a good start. When compared to the previous year, this year saw more traffic to the blog, and performed better in every other metric. And all that happened thanks to you.

Though I’ve never believed in the number’s game, and I would write the same way whether I had one reader or a thousand, it’s good to know that more and more people are visiting this blog now and are learning about mindfulness and meditation.

Another good thing is the number of emails I get each week whenever I post a new article. While earlier I hardly used to get one email a month, now I get several emails for every article that I write. That only shows that you connect with my articles in some way and then take time out of your schedule to say thanks to me or to share your thoughts with me, for which I am very grateful.

This year, I also released my first book Keys to Meaningful Life in July, which is a collection of some of the best articles I had written in the past two and half years then. Again, the response I got from you was very positive, and in the coming year I will publish more useful books for you.

Popular posts of 2015

So, which posts did readers read the most. Here are the top ten posts of this year based on the number of readers who read them :

  1. Simple Living is a Choice
  2. What You Don’t Need To Know
  3. What We Don’t Have Time For, But Should Have
  4. There is Nowhere To Go
  5. Drink Your Tea with Mindfulness
  6. Why Less?
  7. Forget Every Productivity Tip, Just Make Your Life Simple
  8. Stop Chasing the Wrong Things in Life
  9. A Simple Life Needs Sacrifices
  10. Empty Out

What to expect from me in 2016?

I had planned to release a book on simple living this year, which I outlined in April, but I couldn’t complete it yet. That’s the first book I intend to release in the coming year, followed by other books on mindfulness and meditation.

I also plan to release audio courses for those who’d rather prefer to listen than to read, and through which I can connect with you in a more personal way.

Further, I intend to start my consultation practice for those who want personal guidance in learning to meditate, practice mindfulness, and walk their spiritual path in life. That’s also something I considered last year, but then postponed it.

In short, the next year, I want to give more value to you than ever before.

And here’s something that I think you should know as a reader of life beginner. In 2016, I will focus more on writing articles on meditation, mindfulness, and living a spiritual life. Those are the three things that will form the core of what I create for most part of the year.

Moving on…

Sometimes the events in our life work out as per our plan, and sometimes they don’t. What we need to do in the coming year is to make ourself so strong from within that, irrespective of the outcomes of the events in our life, we continue to remain peaceful, mindful, and happy from within.

I hope we both are able to accomplish this, and much more, in 2016.

Before I end today’s post, I want to thank you for everything you have done for me.

Thank you for sharing my articles with your family and friends. Thank you for spreading the message of mindful and meditative living. Thank you for supporting me by buying my written books and my recommended ones. Thank you for supporting the life beginner blog in every other way.

For all that I am very grateful to you. Without you none of this would be possible. And without your love and support I won’t be writing down these words.

I wish you a great, peaceful, and mindful year ahead : )

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