What are YOU made of?

When we go to buy anything pricey, for example a smartphone, we want to know first what the phone is made of, what quality is it from the inside, how strong and durable it is, and so on.

While we spend a decent amount of time to analyze our options when we buy a phone, many among us fail to analyze – what’s a million times more important to analyze, and what they really need to analyze in their lives – themselves.

We humans are way more complex than any machine on earth. Yet many among us don’t spend enough time in exploring and understanding ourself.

If we can spend hours and hours debating on which phone to buy, which dress to wear for a party, which movies to watch on a weekend, then isn’t it worth to dedicate some time every day to understand your own true self, to understand who you are, to see yourself apart from your conditioned mind.

If you have worked with any kind of complex machine before, then you will know that as the complexity of a machine increases, the time to understand its working, and to know it inside out, also increases. If it takes you hours to understand the working of man-made machines, and of such tiny machines as a phone, then imagine how much time it will take you to understand yourself – understand this human body – which is way more complex than any machine you know of.

Think of this today as you read this post. What are YOU made of ? Is it just bones and blood and nerves in you, OR is there something more to you beyond them? And if there is something beyond, then what is it exactly, and how can you understand it?

Trying to understand what really makes you who you are will awaken new questions within you. It’s by thinking and meditating on such questions that you will understand yourself more and gain true knowledge about yourself.

Once you find out what YOU are made of, the next thing to do is to take action to make yourself more and more knowledgeable and stronger from within.

Just as a tool made of solid iron will stand several harsh blows from a hammer and yet remain intact, the same way a person who is made up of good thoughts, right moral values, and who has realized his inner self and his true nature, will be able to face tough situations in life and yet remain intact.

You will only become what thoughts you think of for most part of your day. If you live with mindfulness and practice meditation for most part of your day then that will automatically make you a peaceful and knowledgeable person. And if you live with ignorance and spend your time watching movies and tv shows for most part of your day then that will automatically make you a short-tempered and an ignorant person.

And if most part of your day is made up of watching movies or tv shows, or playing games on your smartphone, or spending away your time on other ways of entertainment, then let me share my own experience with you.

I, too, used to do those things not quite long ago. But once I replaced that same time which I used to watch movies and tv shows with doing meditation and reading mindfulness and meditation books, my life instantly started to move into the right track. Everything in my life improved. The quality of my sleep improved. I got better at my meditation practice. I felt less stressed out, and became more peaceful. I also felt less and less irritated throughout my day.

That’s why, I recommend you to spend some time each day and meditate on the nature of your own body and mind, and see the benefit for yourself. Once you start to see yourself clearly for who you are and once you begin to gain new understanding about yourself, you start to live a totally new life. And then, by comparing this new self with the old one, you can judge for yourself if you want to continue with the new YOU or the same old YOU.

The true test of what YOU are made of also happens when you have to deal with other persons in your life.

There are times when others will shout at you, say bad things to you, act rudely to you, and be selfish and mean to you. And what you do and how you act at such times shows others the person that you are. Such times reveal to you, more than to anyone else, your true nature and who you are from deep within. If you are peaceful from within then that shows in your actions, and if you are violent from within then that shows in your actions, too.

You will face several critical moments in your life which will show you who you really are and what thoughts and ideas fill your mind. If you have filled your mind with the right thoughts and ideas then you can face any type of obstacle and come out of it bravely. But if your mind is filled with the wrong thoughts and ideas then you will only keep falling from one obstacle to another, and then you will wonder why such negative things happen only to you.

So no matter what stage of life you are in, try to fill yourself with the right thoughts, the right values, and the right understanding about yourself. Practice mindfulness and meditation every day and it will make you more stronger from within than what you are now.

Stop wondering about things that are outside YOU. And take a moment now and reflect upon what are YOU made of.

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