What is True Mastery of Mind and How to Achieve it

Do you often end up taking actions in your life which you regret later? Do you often fall victim to the thoughts in your mind and do things which you know are the wrong things to do? Do you often struggle between what you want to do in life and what you actually end up doing?

If you answer yes to all the above questions then, first, let me assure you that there is nothing to worry about.

We think the wrong thoughts, take the wrong actions, and end up in the wrong place in our life because we let our mind do whatever it wants to do. Since all the thoughts and actions first originate in the mind, your mind, more than anything else, is the main culprit for what you think and act each moment of your day.

While a wandering mind can cause you troubles and increase your suffering in life, the good thing is, you can overcome all your problems in life and live a happy and peaceful life by guiding your mind in the right direction every moment in your life. And you learn the way to guide your mind, and do much much more, only when you gain complete mastery over your mind.

So far, you have lived your life the way your thoughts and feelings have guided you to live. By mastering your mind you live your life the way your inner consciousness guides you to, which, by the way, is way more powerful, knowledgeable, and intelligent than your mind, and which has way more capability to make the right decisions than your mind.

Once you gain mastery over your mind, your mind will only do what you tell it to do. It will only think what you tell it to think. It will only act the way you tell it to act.

Isn’t that itself worth every minute you spend in mastering your mind? Besides that, you also gain knowledge, wisdom, and the right understanding about yourself as a reward for mastering your mind.

So let’s start with what we need to know to gain mastery over our mind.

What is true mastery of mind?

True mastery of mind doesn’t mean to use your mind to gain mastery over a skill or a tool. Such mastery even when achieved is only a small part of what your mind is capable of achieving.

If true mastery of mind were only limited to using it to improve some skill then everyone who was skilled would meet all his goals in life and be happy and make all the right decisions every time. But this isn’t the truth, is it?

The reality is true mastery of mind means to gain mastery over the mind itself, and not just use your mind to gain mastery over a skill or tool. When you gain mastery over your mind you can see the root cause of all your problems and you can also figure out their solutions.

You gain true mastery of mind when you can see every thought as it comes to your mind, when you can choose to take part in that thought or let it pass by, when you see the nature of that thought – whether it’s important or not, and, finally, when you see that thought as separate from yourself. That’s what true mastery of mind means.

How can you achieve true mastery over your mind?

Gaining mastery over your mind comes down to two things : practicing mindfulness and meditation.

Let me explain them in detail.

To gain true mastery over your mind you have to use your consciousness to see your mind for what it is. You have to use this consciousness to see if what your mind thinks is the right thing to think, and if what your mind makes you do is the right thing to do or not. And your daily practice of mindfulness and meditation help you to realize and live with your consciousness, and gain full understanding and control over your mind.

By practicing mindfulness, you learn to see and recognize every thought as and when it comes to your mind. You see the thoughts for what they are irrespective of what they want you to do. You act with mindfulness and you learn first-hand that you, and not your mind, is the one who controls your body. Realizing this for yourself awakens a new understanding within you, about who you are, and what should you do to learn more about yourself, and what path you need to take ahead in your life. Without this understanding, you will only lose your way in life and end up chasing and achieving things that aren’t worth chasing at all.

By practicing meditation, you silence your mind, and you can see what your mind looks and behaves like when it’s completely still. You see that the moment thoughts cease to trouble your mind you gain the ability to make better choices in your life. Whenever you make your mind still you can see the events in your life for what they really are and not as how they appear to be. By meditating, you gain deep knowledge about the workings of your own mind. This knowledge is way more superior than any knowledge you gain from scientific studies or books on the nature of mind, and that’s because you experience the workings of your mind for yourself. The more you meditate, and the deeper the experiences you have, the more you understand about the true nature of your mind.

Mindfulness and meditation open up new frontiers for your mind. They make you aware of the limitations of your mind. They make you aware of your inner self ( also known as your real self or conscious self ) which is more capable than your mind to make decisions, to guide you, and to help you solve any type of problem in your life.

By practicing mindfulness and meditation every day you don’t need to depend on others to solve your problems. You learn to see the right choices, and then act on those right choices in your life, in every moment you are awake. And that’s how you gain true mastery of mind.

Try to live with mindfulness whenever you can. Try to do meditation whenever you can. And that’s all you need to do to start now in your pursuit of gaining mastery over your mind.

How do you know you have gained true mastery over your mind?

You will know when you start to gain full mastery over your mind. The symptoms will be there to tell you so.

When your mind itself becomes the object of your focus that’s when you know you have started to gain true mastery of your mind. When you see a thought as it comes to your mind and you realize that you have the power to entertain it, or to let it go, that’s when you know you have started to gain true mastery of mind.

Such mastery is the biggest mastery among all the other things that you can master in your life. Gain this mastery and you won’t need to master anything else in life.

And how can you tell if you have gained full mastery over your mind?

That, too, you will know for yourself.

When no situation, no event, no person, no action, and no one outside you can destroy or interrupt your inner peace, that’s when you have gained full mastery over your mind.

When nothing in this universe can change your understanding about yourself, when nothing in this universe can remove you from your mindful state, that’s when you have mastered your mind once and forever.

When you are the one who decides how to live each moment of your life, when you are the one who can remain peaceful even among chaos, when you are the one who can remain steady even when everyone else around you shakes, when you are the one who can smile even when others cry, when you are the one who can let go even when others cling, when you are the one who understands even when others fail to, when you are the one who acts with wisdom even when others around you act foolishly, that’s when you have gained true mastery over your mind.

When pain and pleasure cease to have any affect on you, when whether your body feels cold or hot makes no difference to you, when whether it’s quiet or chaos around you has no affect on your inner peace, when you are the one who knows the truth even when others live in delusion, when you are the one who can see the right from the wrong, when you are the one who can see compassion from selfishness, and when your mind thinks, acts, and behaves every moment of your life the way you want it to, then, and only then, you have gained true mastery over your mind. Any thing else from that, and it’s just a delusion which your own mind makes you think.

The highest mastery you can gain…

More than any other goal in life, learn to master your mind and your life will instantly start to become better in every possible way. If you can see, learn, and create so many wonderful things using your mind even when you have not mastered it, then imagine what things you can do, and learn, and create in your life once you have mastered the mind itself. Could there be anything else left to master then?

If we can’t master our own mind, then what’s the use of mastering every other skill in the world. If you continue to master one thing after another, and yet fail to master your own mind, then what’s the use of such mastery?

My mind is what I try to master every day. It’s a fight I have to fight every day, which I win on some days and which I lose on others. I am sure it’s the same for you, too.

Still, we must get up every day with the intention to live our day by mastering our mind. You and I have so much to learn about our true self that we can’t afford to miss a single day in not trying to master our mind.

Only that life is worth living in which one has mastered one’s mind. The wise ones live their full life using their mind as a tool and nothing more. Others simply end up becoming the tools of their own mind.

Now as you finish reading this post, why not try this today – from this moment onwards till the day ends – to gain mastery over your mind and see if you can master it successfully. Notice the points when you fail to master or gain control over your mind and notice when your mind starts to make you act the way it wants to. Those are the points which you should address next time and try to overcome. By overcoming one obstacle after another, and by gaining control bit by bit over your mind, you will be on the right track towards gaining true mastery of mind.

So now when you know all about how to gain true mastery of mind, are you ready to take action today and practice mindfulness and meditation to gain this mastery?

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