Why You Shouldn’t Be Afraid to Walk The Right Path in Life

Many times in your life you know what is the right thing to do, but for some reason you don’t do it.

You take the wrong actions every day, and you make the wrong choices every day only to regret them later. Why is this?

That’s because the actions that you take aren’t the ones you really want to take. You do what you do only to please everyone else around you, even when you know what you’re doing is wrong.

And you continue to do one wrong thing after another, only to look back and see that you have walked the wrong path for your whole life.

Though this sounds sad, the good thing is, once you look back and realize your mistake you can correct it by walking the right path for the rest of your life.

What is this right path made of? While it’s not possible to be too specific about it, here are a few things in general which make up the right path.

The right path is made up of nothing but the right actions that you take every day, in every moment. It means to live every moment of your life in sync with the welfare of every being in this planet – be it a human, a plant, or an animal. It means to be compassionate to every being with whom you come in contact with.

It means to live a life with honesty and integrity all the time. It means to take care of your loved ones in health and in sickness without complaining. It means to do your duty that will not only benefit you, and your family, but which will never be the cause of any misery to anyone else.

Beyond that, the right path also means a lot for your personal development. It means to live a life full of mindfulness and meditate every day. It means to discover your true self that is universal in nature. It means to see and understand life for what it is. It means to think and act as per your state of consciousness and do things that are universally right to do.

That’s how you walk the right path in life. If you are afraid to walk on it then you will never ever reach your ultimate goal in life, which is to be one with your true self.

The reason you don’t walk the right path is because you are afraid of something. What’s that “something”? Most times that “something” is so irrelevant that once you know its reality you will laugh at yourself for being afraid of it for such a long time.

You are often afraid to walk the right path in life because you are afraid of what others will think of you : Will they think you are in the wrong, or will they think you don’t know a thing about life; will they think you are mean and selfish, or will they think you have lost your mind.

There is no end to what others will think of you if you walk the right path in life. The only thing you can do to win over them is to ignore them, and let their words go away without affecting you in any way.

It is difficult to walk the right path and that’s why very few people walk it every day. If you try to walk the right path every day, you’ll see for yourself how difficult it is to do so. The moment you come face-to-face with your difficulties is the moment when it tempts you most to take the wrong path, and forget the right path.

But to grow in life, that’s the moment you need to stick to the right path more than any other time in your life. You learn to live the right way only by living the right way every day, and not once in a while or only occasionally.

Another reason it’s so difficult to walk the right path in your life is because you see everyone else take shortcuts and walk the wrong path all the time. Ask yourself how common it is to see someone break the queue, or break the traffic rules, or talk rudely, or act selfishly. What’s difficult is to be kind to everyone, and follow the rules that are meant for the good and welfare of everyone.

Never be afraid to walk the right path in life. You may have to face hardships on your way, but without hardships can anything worth having ever be gained?

It can’t.

If you look from an optimistic view, you’ll see that the reason the right path is so hard to walk is because the rewards of walking the right path are huge, and they can only be given to one who deserves it more than anyone else. When you walk the right path, you feel compassionate, kind, happy, grateful, and peaceful. That’s something you can never feel if you walk the wrong path in life.

So remove every doubt today, remove that every thought and feeling that scares you, and take the firm decision to walk the right path in your life today.

You have great things to achieve in life. You have to fulfill the true purpose of your life. And for that, you have to give up the wrong path and every tiny bit of attachment you have towards the wrong path. Along with that, you have to give up every fear that stops you from walking on the right path in life.

Don’t do what others tell you to do. Do what is right to do. If you always do the right thing then life takes you towards peace, contentment and happiness; do the wrong things and it takes you towards chaos, misery and unhappiness.

If you need to make any sacrifices to walk on the right path, by all means do so. That’s the price you have to pay for it. But if you are willing to pay the price, then what you get in return is way more than what you could ever sacrifice.

For giving up greed and lust, you get satisfaction. For giving up ignorance and foolishness, you get knowledge and wisdom. For giving up impulsiveness, you get mindfulness. For giving up jealousy and hatred, you get love and unity. For giving up chaos, you get peace and happiness.

With so many benefits, is the choice to walk on the right path in life really that difficult to make? Isn’t it worth giving at least a try to walk on this right path in life?

Your life can only improve and get better than what it is now when you walk the right path in life. You can only move in the direction of peace, happiness, and true knowledge when you walk the right path in life; there is no way you can go in any other direction.

Start walking the right path today. And as you walk you will find others, too, on this journey who will get inspired from you, join you, and even help you walk your path.

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