The Race that Never Ends

For many of us, life continues to be a race every day.

This race begins when you get up every morning and continues to run in your mind even when you go to sleep.

And the worse part is, there is no limit to the number of races you run every day – the race to earn more, the race to possess more things, the race to be better than others, the race to become popular, the race to look better, the race to live better, the race to have more pleasures in life.

But is this the life you want to live forever? And is there no end to it?

Think for a minute how your life will be if you quit this race today, right now, at this moment. Won’t it be less chaotic, more peaceful, and therefore better than before?

It would be. Right?

Then what stops your from doing so.

Keep in mind that this race will never end if you keep chasing meaningless goals all day.

But yes, it will end the moment you decide to end it.

We live our life like a race because we see everyone else living it that way. We don’t know that there is a better way to live our life. If we saw everyone living a happy and peaceful life we would want to follow them instantly. Won’t we?

But the sad thing is many of us look at our life only in terms of what we achieve, what we possess, and what we appear to others. And this is what gives birth to those thoughts and actions which make us live our life as if it’s a race that we must run after as fast as we can.

The moment you let go all such delusions from your mind, you immediately see the futility of running after this race. You see how a happy life is made up of moments that you live to your fullest and at your own natural speed; increase the speed at which you live your life and you will only invite unhappiness and stress in your life.

So, the next time you find yourself rushing in any race, take a break. Breathe. Come back to your state of mindfulness and become aware of the present moment. This will remind you to live your life one moment at a time, and focus only on one activity at a time. And then you can spend your time doing things that mean the most to you, and not what means the most to anyone else.

To live a meaningful life, you should focus as much energy as you have in doing things that add true value to your and others’ life. The race for more only blocks you from doing so.

By letting go this race for more and more from your life, you actually discover the abundance you have within you. And even better, you finally discover the understanding and the knowledge within you which is enough for you to live a happy and meaningful life.

Think about this today. And thank you for your time.

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