How to Look at Your Problems in Life

All of us have our own problems in life. There is no one who is free of problems.

Some are unhappy at work, some are unhappy at home, some are unhappy with their friends, some are unhappy with their family, some are unhappy with their society or city, and I even know people who are unhappy with their country and want to live elsewhere.

The truth is there is no limit to the problems each one of us have in our lives. Even when we solve one problem, another one pops up instantly.

We hardly get time to relax and have peace of mind because of the uninterrupted flow of problems in our life.

While no other person in this world can help you solve your problems, there is something that you can do to make it easier to look at your problems.

You see, the problem isn’t the problems that you have. The real problem is how you look at them.

And the good thing is there is a better way to look at your problems. I call this approach : Look at your problems from the top of a mountain.

What does that mean?

Let me explain.

Have you ever climbed a mountain?

How do things at the bottom look like when you view them from the top?

Do you see how small and insignificant everything looks from the top? Do you see how you can’t even recognize people at the bottom and what they are talking or arguing about?

The same thing happens to your problems when you look at them from a higher view : Your problems look small and insignificant to you. And that’s why, this is the way you should approach your problems in life if you want to understand them clearly and solve them.

When I say look at your problems from the top of a mountain, the first thing I expect you to do is detach yourself from your existing problem. Don’t look at your problem in terms of what it means to you.

Think how this problem will look to someone who sees it from the top of a mountain. Can someone at the top see how tense you are, how frustrated you are, what this problem means to you? Definitely not. To them it makes no difference.

The same way, the little problems in your life actually make no difference to your life. You think they matter to you because you take them too personally and also because you think of them with a short-term view. If you only look at them from a distance you will see that they are not worth thinking about and giving valuable space inside your mind.

Yes, you have problems. I don’t deny that. But almost all of them have their existence inside you only in the short-term. If you look at them with the long-term view, you see that they don’t matter as much as you think they do.

In the short-term we think so much of our problems that the only thing visible to us are our problems, and we think that we can’t do anything else until we solve all our problems in life. But if you keep waiting to live your life until you have solved all your problems, the day will never come when you have lived your life fully. One problem goes away only to give place to another.

Also, the root cause for the existence of all your problems is your thinking in terms of ‘I’. The moment you let go this sense of I’ness, you start to see things from a higher view. You see that your attachment to your sense of I’ness is the thing that actually prevents you to look at your problems from the right angle, and that’s why you can’t solve them.

Looking at your problems from the top of a mountain helps you to overcome this short-term view and this attachment of your I’ness with your problems.

So, the next time you face any problem – your son or daughter says something you don’t like, your parents say something that hurts you, your best friend does something that angers you, your boss shouts at you, you find yourself in a financial mess – try to see that event from the top of a mountain and ask yourself what you think of it. If it doesn’t matter much when you look at it from the top, then it probably doesn’t matter at all.

Learn to see your problems from the top of a mountain, and you will soon learn that you hardly have any problems at all.

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