The Only Thing You Can Control

We all have a strong desire to control every aspect of our life.

We want to control every one who we come in touch with in our day-to-day life. Be it our parents, our life-partner, our children, or our friends, we want all of them to behave as we would like them to behave. We want them to do things that make us happy, and to not do things that annoy us.

Besides controlling people, we also want to control all events in our life. We want to run our life as we have planned it to run. We want to fulfill our personal goals, our professional goals, and even our spiritual goals as per our own schedule.

All such desires and thoughts to control every aspect of your life is actually the main reason you aren’t happy right now at this moment. When things don’t happen as you want them to, you not only feel unhappy, but you also get impatient, angry, and even depressed.

And when you try too hard to control others it destroys your relationship with them.

You need to stop this desire to control every part of your life, and form the right understanding towards living a simple and meaningful life.

The problem isn’t that the world around you isn’t right. The problem is your understanding about the world around you isn’t right.

The truth is you can’t control everything. And another truth is the only thing you can control is yourself. This is as true for you as it is for me or for anyone else.

This truth is hard to digest since we do want to control our future, our goals, our happiness, and everything that our mind can imagine and our heart can desire.

But the more you try to control the people and events in your life, the more they slip away from you. And the less you try to control them, the more happy and peaceful you are.

Though we know this, the sad thing is most of us don’t even try to control ourself, and we pass our whole life losing control every now and then.

When you fail to control yourself, it brings you chaos, unhappiness, anger, and suffering. But the moment you decide to control the flickering nature of your mind, your desires, and your ego, you start to realize that this in fact is the thing which you actually can control in the whole world. By controlling yourself you not only bring happiness to your life but you also bring happiness to others in your life.

When things don’t happen as you expect them to happen, you can either get angry about them, or you can understand that it was outside your control and let it go.

The only thing in your hands is to control yourself and do your duty in life. That’s the only thing you can do. Rest everything lies outside your control and you should learn to accept it for what it is.

So, for now, just practice these two things – 1) Controlling only yourself and 2) Letting go what you can’t control. That is the key to happiness.

Thank you for your time.

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