Changes to The Email Newsletter

If you read this blog via email, you may have received too many emails from me in the past two weeks, containing my earlier posts. All these problems were due to the Feedburner service which I used to send you emails.

I tried to fix the problem last week by deactivating the service and reactivating it again, but the problem still continued. And the worst part is Feedburner provides no support to solve such issues.

So, starting today, I have moved to a new email service called as Mad Mimi to deliver you emails. There are several benefits of using it over Feedburner :

1) Faster and Reliable Email Delivery

In the past, many times, you received my posts a day after I published them on this blog. Sometimes, Feedburner even missed you sending new posts. Now this won’t be an issue. I will let you know as soon as I publish a new post here, and you will get the notification immediately.

2) Consistent Schedule

Since the past 6 weeks I have published an article on this blog every Wednesday. I am going to stick to this schedule from now, instead of posting randomly which I did earlier. So you will know when to expect a new post from me and can make time to read them accordingly. With timely delivery of email updates, I can ensure to stick to this schedule.

3) No More Notifications of Older Articles

This was the biggest reason for me to switch to this new service. I respect your time as much as I respect mine. But unfortunately, in the last two weeks, you may have questioned this when you received so many repeated mails from me, and it may have distracted you from some important work. I am really sorry for it. This should not happen again with this new service.

4) Personal Touch

I always like to hear from you. Your feedback helps me to write more and more useful articles and books for you. So to make it easier for both of us to interact with each other, now you can reply to my articles directly from your inbox. Whenever you receive a new email from me, just hit the reply button and feel free to share your thoughts/any questions with me. I will try my best to answer every mail I receive.

5) More Value

Earlier, the only way I could communicate with you was by publishing new articles on this blog. But there were times when I wanted to share something useful with you (for example, an article that I wrote on other site) and there was no way to do so. But now, in addition to the articles on life beginner, I can easily share anything with you if I know it will be of use to you.

6) Simplicity

So far, I am really happy with the new email service by mad mimi. They provide a simple and easy-to-use interface which matches with my philosophy of living a simple life. They also have great customer support, and the best value for money I have seen when compared to other email services like Mailchimp and Aweber.

So, overall, it’s the right decision and the right time to move to the new email service which will be of best service to you and me.

Till now, Feedburner has served me well and I still recommend it to new bloggers. It’s free and easy to setup for new bloggers. And if it wasn’t for Feedburner, I couldn’t have connected with you. So before moving on, I want to thank the Feedburner team for providing such a useful service for free.

Please note, if you are already an email subscriber, you don’t have to make any changes in your subscription. You will be automatically added to the new email service.

If you are not a subscriber yet, you can subscribe to the new email newsletter for free, and keep in touch with me regarding latest developments on and off this blog.

I look ahead to hearing more from you and sharing more with you. Thank you for all your love and support.

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