Simplify Your Meditation Practice

You often see me suggest you different ways to simplify your life.

Today, let’s talk about simplifying your meditation practice.

As you may know, there are several ways to learn and practice meditation. You can meditate while watching videos, while listening to audios, while sitting in groups, while chanting prayers, or by lighting incense sticks and candles.

You may even have a yoga mat or yoga dress to practice your meditation.

I do not question these meditation practices, or the tools, resources, and objects you need for meditation. But I do believe that meditation should be more simple to perform, and you should be able to meditate without depending on any thing, except yourself.

When you depend on other people or resources to do your meditation, you are at their mercy, and your meditation practice depends on their availability. And when you do that, you are not able to perform your meditation practice whenever you want.

This way of meditation, where you depend on others, is not efficient in the long run.

The way I prefer to meditate, and what several meditators before me did too, is to meditate without depending on anything that lies outside you.

Meditate in such a way that you can fully control it, and which you can practice whenever you want, wherever you want, and for as much time as you want.

Here are some simple ways to practice meditation : You can meditate on your breathe, you can meditate on a thought, or you can simply stay silent and witness what’s happening inside you. When you meditate in such simple ways, it becomes easy for you to practice meditation anytime.

And if you are new to meditation, that’s the way I suggest you to meditate. Because if you practice any other way and get too dependent on outside resources, you may find it difficult, in future, to learn on your own or to advance ahead on your own. And you may only gain limited understanding about meditation.

So the sooner you simplify your meditation practice, the closer you come to practicing it more often and reaching your goals in meditation.

Like any other activity, when you make anything simple to do, you do it more often and with greater ease. Meditation is no different. When you simplify your meditation practice, you naturally practice it more often and for more time. This makes you gain more understanding and knowledge on your own, and isn’t that what you want?

Starting today, try to simplify your meditation practice, and if you face any obstacle, feel free to write to me and I’ll do my best to solve your problem.

Thank you for your time.

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