Fill Your Mind With the Right Thoughts

You become what you fill your mind with.

Fill your mind with the right thoughts, and you act the right way, and eventually become the right person. Fill it with wrong thoughts, and you act the wrong way, and eventually become the wrong person.

All this sounds so simple.

Then why don’t we apply this every day in our life. Why do we still fill our mind with thoughts of anger, jealousy, greed, and negativity?

That’s because, every day, instead of taking the responsibility to fill our mind with the right thoughts, we let out mind fill itself with whatever thoughts it comes across.

Throughout your day, everything that you see, hear, feel, and think has an impact on your mind. Your mind doesn’t forget things easily. It tries to remember everything it comes across in your life. That’s the nature of your mind.

So, to make your mind work the right way, you have to take control of this nature of your mind and make sure that you fill it with the right thoughts as often as you can.

The habit of filling your mind with the right thoughts will help you form the habit of taking the right action every time. And that will help you advance ahead in your daily practice of mindfulness and meditation too.

To fill your mind with the right thoughts, first, you have to identify if the thoughts that you think are right or wrong. How do you do that?

For that, see what happens the moment after you think a thought.

Does it make you angry, selfish, greedy, jealous, negative? Then it’s the wrong thought.

Or, does it make you peaceful, selfless, kind, appreciative, positive? Then it’s the right thought.

See the direction in which your thoughts take you, and you will realize their nature – whether they are right or wrong, useful or useless.

Below are some of the ways that help me fill my mind with the right thoughts every day. Try them, and I’m sure they will work for you too.


Meditation helps you find for yourself the true nature of your thoughts. By meditating every day, you help your mind become calm, and with calmness you can easily identify the nature of your thoughts. Even meditating for 10-15 minutes a day can have a huge effect on your mental well-being, and give you the energy to face and overcome any negative thoughts throughout your day.

Read Spiritual Books

It’s impossible to read mindfulness and meditation books and not move in the spiritual direction. The very purpose of mindfulness and meditation is to understand yourself at a deeper and universal level. And spirituality is nothing but identifying your relationship with the universe around you. By reading spiritual books, you understand what is right for you to do not only at your individual level but also at universal level. Reading spiritual books help you fill your mind with those universal thoughts that have always remained the same, and will continue to remain the same.

Practice Mindfulness

Mindfulness helps you to become aware of everything that’s going within and around you. By practicing it, you are always on your guard, and you can instantly identify if your thoughts are turning negative or positive. By being mindful, you can avoid feeding every wrong thought that comes to you across your day, and instead allow your mind to absorb only the right thoughts.

Don’t Consume Negative Information

Sometimes, we have the right intention, but our wrong habits overpower our intention and fill our mind with thoughts that we don’t need at all. To prevent such wrong thoughts from coming to your mind you can do a few things : Don’t watch too much news as they are full of negativity; Don’t watch any tv shows, especially those reality tv shows, which only highlight the negative personalities of people; Don’t use too much social media or messaging apps as they make you feel you lack what others have in their life, and give rise to thoughts of jealousy and negativity in you.

Don’t Use Too Much Technology

When you use your computer, tablets, or smartphones for full day it causes a lot of stress to your body and mind. When you are busy with them, you lose your patience and become angry at whoever disturbs you. All this leads to the rise of negative thoughts in your mind. And relying too much on technology destroys your own mental and physical powers. You become unhealthy. You aren’t able to think or act clearly. To avoid this, take regular breaks from all forms of technology, so that you can refresh your mind and think of right thoughts again.

Do the above things every day and you will see that with each passing day you are feeling happier and peaceful than before.

A right mind is essential to live a right life. And your mind can only be right if it’s filled with the right thoughts.

Knowing this, which way are you going to fill your mind?

Thank you for reading this article. If you know anyone who can benefit from reading this, please email them the link to this article.

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