Why Do You Struggle for Happiness?

If I ask you if you want to be happy tomorrow, how many of you would say yes?

Probably all.

But if I ask you if you are happy right now, while reading this, how many of you would say yes?

Very few.

Why is this?

We always seem to be in search of happiness, but rarely seem to have found it. For many of us, happiness has meaning only if it comes from an outcome. We think we can’t be happy unless a certain event occurs or certain life conditions change.

But that is where we go wrong. We let our definition of happiness form on things that are beyond our control.

If you are not happy in this moment, it’s because of these two reasons:

  1. You look for happiness outside yourself.
  2. You look for happiness in some future time.

Both of these are wrong places to seek happiness. But observe how often you look for happiness in them.

You look for happiness outside and in future time when you:

  • Want others to praise you, respect you, or accept your views.
  • Want your partner or your family members to change themselves.
  • Want more money to buy all things you desire.
  • Want to be in perfect physical shape and have a great personality.
  • Want to be famous and have a huge following.

You want all this and even more, before you think you can be happy. This is the wrong way to look at happiness, and you need to change it if you really do want to be happy.

When your definition of happiness lies in anything that’s outside yourself, you lose the power to be happy with who you are. When your definition of happiness lies in some future time, you lose the ability to be happy right now.

And that’s why your struggle for happiness always remains a struggle, and never results into pure happiness.

And what’s more, it’s you, your mind, your thoughts, and your ego who create this struggle. They don’t want you to be happy in this moment, and they keep filling your mind with the dream of a happy future.

All this chattering of your mind and your ego needs to stop.

Let’s try something for today. After you finish reading this post, take a few moments and do this:

Close your eyes, take few deep breaths, and say to yourself “I have everything I need to be happy now”, “There is nothing more to be achieved, nothing more to be done now”, “I am at total peace with myself”, “Happiness exists within me right now”.

When you say all this to yourself, don’t just say it, but believe it to be the eternal truth. Feel the peace that comes to you as you accept every sentence to be the truth.

This is just a start, but I want you to practice this today, at least for a few minutes. I want you to do this so that you can realize for yourself that finding happiness doesn’t have to be a struggle; it can be achieved anytime and anyplace you want it.

True happiness can only exist when your mind is still, and there are no desires left in you. And this is possible only in the now and only from inside; Never in future and never from outside.

That’s all for today.

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