Make the Best of What You Have

Often in life we complain of things which we don’t have.

We use words like “If only I had more money”, “If only I had more time”, “If only my family supported me”, or “If only I could leave my job”.

A few years ago, I, too, used to think this way. Though I practiced meditation daily, I never allowed myself to go too deep into it. I thought to go deep in meditation I needed a quiet place, far away from the city and where there would be nothing around to disturb me.

This was my big mistake. But then one day, for some reason, my mindset changed. I told myself that even though I don’t have the best conditions around me to meditate, I will just try my best to do as much meditation as possible and live with mindfulness for as much time as possible every day.

And this shift in mindset caused a huge improvement in my meditation practice. I started meditating more and more, and I started understanding more and more about myself.

It was then that I realized how useless my earlier thoughts had been. I never needed to go away into a secluded place away from mankind, but to just find as quiet a place as possible, somewhere in my house, and then focus on my meditation practice as much as I can.

Now I know that when you can’t find the perfect conditions to do your work – be it meditation, reading, writing, drawing, or anything – it’s always better to make the best use of what you have, instead of waiting for the perfect conditions and do nothing.

Once you start to take actions in your life, however small they may be, you too will realize that the best option for you is always to make use of what you have, rather than stressing upon what you don’t have.

The perfect conditions will never come in your life. If you keep waiting for them, your whole life will pass away, and you won’t attain any of your goals in life.

Ask yourself how often you delay working on the most important things in life, just because you need something more than what you have now. If this “something more” isn’t in your control, then don’t stress too much upon it. Start with what you have and keep going.

With time, you will see that it’s always our own mental barriers that stop us from achieving our goals in life. Once you remove these barriers from your mind, all that’s left for you to do is to do your work.

Today, spend some time thinking about the one thing that you can change in your life to make it better, and then find the reason why you aren’t making that change. If you are waiting for something you don’t have, then try to see what you already have now in your life, and make the best use of it to make those changes in your life.

Thank you for reading this article.

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