A Book on Meaningful Living

Update: This book is now available on Amazon. You can buy it here.

Since the past two weeks, I am working on my first kindle book. And today, I am glad to tell you that it’s done, and almost ready to be published.

When I started my journey towards living a meaningful life, I wish I had a book that could guide me step by step, and help me overcome all my doubts in life.

While I couldn’t find a single book to do so, and it took me years to realize my path in life, I decided to create such a book for others who struggle with the same questions which I struggled with.

With that intention, I have made a book by carefully selecting 35 articles from this blog, and arranged them in a way that’s easier to read and understand than it is when you directly browse through this blog.

I have edited and updated a lot of things inside this book. This involved correcting all the typos and grammatical mistakes, removing all unwanted words and sentences, and adding new text at several places. In addition to that, I have updated several areas which could have caused confusion to readers, and have made them more simple and easy to understand.

This is not like any other book you usually find on the internet. This book was not written in a day or a week, but instead, it is the result of over two and half years of meditation and deep thinking.

Whether you are new to this blog, or have been with me since the start, you’ll find lot of good advice inside this book. The topics in this book are arranged in increasing order of difficulty, so you can move ahead step by step and take your own time to understand things. Besides that, you will also find many practical and useful tips which you can start to apply as soon as you read them.

This book will help you to simplify your life, overcome all your negativity, and understand your mind and your own nature in more depth. And most of all, it will help you towards gaining the right understanding that you need to live a simple, happy, and meaningful life.

Currently, the book will be available exclusively on amazon kindle store. If you don’t have a kindle, you can download the kindle app for free from amazon and read this book on your computer, laptop, tablet, phone, or whatever device you have.

This book will release on amazon in 2 to 3 days. I will let you know as soon as it becomes available.

Thank you for all your feedback over the years. Without your support, this book wouldn’t exist. I hope you continue to support my writing.

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Hi, I am Rahul Singh. At life beginner, I teach others the way to practice meditation, live with mindfulness, and connect with their consciousness, so that they can find inner peace, lasting happiness, and meaning and purpose in their lives. I'm also the Author of Simplify Now & Keys to Meaningful Life.