Family First

What do you do when you have to choose between your family and your work?

Do you choose your family? Or, do you ignore them and focus only on your work?

We often take our family for granted. And even within our family, there are few people whom we always take for granted. We think they’ll always be there for us, always ready to help us and do whatever we want them to do.

But are you there for them, too, all the time? Can they count on you whenever they need you? If not, then it’s time you start to take your responsibility towards your family seriously, and put their needs before yours.

When we are kids or in our teens, we are selfish. We want everything for ourself. Our needs come before our family needs. Our parents have to often remind us how much they do for us, and how little we do for them in return.

But as we grow up, and as we start to spend more and more time with the outside world, we realize that it’s not as kind and forgiving to us as our family is. We realize that others don’t give a damn about our feelings and interests. And this fact is hard to digest.

It’s then that we realize the value of our family. We see how our family always stood behind us. Whether it’s your mother, father, brother, sister, uncle, or aunt, someone is always there to support you and love you in spite of your weaknesses.

Our family takes care of our needs, and helps us move ahead in life even in situations when no one else supports us.

That’s why, in our Indian culture, adults live with their parents and take care of them in their old age; though this seems to be declining now, as more and more people are distracted by the glamorous life around them, and prefer to spend their time on seeking one pleasure after another, instead of taking care of their parents and doing everything to make them happy.

As I work from home, I come across such situations many times when my family needs me more than my work does. At such times, I try to go after taking care of my family, and I leave my work aside. Last week, due to some family-related work, I couldn’t even access my internet for a week. But it doesn’t affect me in any way. I am glad to have come so far in life where I can live happily even with no form of technology around me.

However, I always feel bad when I miss my writing schedule, as I know you do wait for my new articles every week, but I have to let go that worry and focus instead on what thing is important to me on that day, at that moment. Perhaps, I need to find a way to stick to my publishing schedule and yet manage my responsibility towards my family at the same time.

I know you, too, face such situations often when you have to let go the work you are doing, however important it may be, to take care of the needs of your family. And I respect that in you, the same way I respect that in myself.

For most of us, whatever we become in life is thanks to the care and support of our family. That’s why it’s not just a formality, but our duty to take care of our family when they need us most. And if that means letting go your work or your personal goals for the greater good of the family, then let it be so.

Put your family first. And your own work and your ego second.

Thanks for reading this article.

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