A Simple Life Needs Sacrifices

I wish I can say it’s easy to live a simple life. I have tried to live simple since the last several years and I know how hard it can become at times to maintain a simple lifestyle.

The good part is, once you understand what simple living is all about, it becomes easier to live simple. But before that happens, you have to make sacrifices in your everyday life, and force yourself to live a simple life, so that it becomes a habit and almost a second nature to you.

For some, simple living comes naturally. I have seen my grandfather live this simple life when he was alive. It was his nature to be simple and kind, from as long as I can remember.

But for others like us, who learn to live simple later in their lives, we have to consciously make this choice to live simple on a day-to-day basis. And this choice often requires us to sacrifice something.

Simple living requires us to consciously make sacrifices that are hard to apply in the short-term, but are of massive benefit to us in the long-term.

If you don’t live a simple life yet, but intend to do so, there will come a day when you have to let go the things you hold dearly in your life. And only then will you realize how hard it is to live a simple life.

Though there is no limit to how many things you may have to sacrifice to make your life simple, but any sacrifice you make will always be worth it.

For example, one big sacrifice you have to make to live simple is to let go your attachment to your desires. That means, you don’t sacrifice only the object of your desire. You sacrifice the desire itself that attaches you to the object.

I admit it’s not easy to make such sacrifices. We have so many desires within ourself, that we can’t think of living without them.

And it’s even harder to give up the attachment to the material wonders of today. We have so many things in our life, which our parents and grandparents didn’t have to deal with, that it becomes harder and harder every day to find simplicity among the chaos around us. So we have more to let go and more to sacrifice than our parents had to.

Also, the longer you are used to something in your life, the harder you find to give it up. But still you have to give it up, if you aim to live simple.

So, if you are serious about living a simple life, you should start with making small sacrifices today, and then continue to make more and more sacrifices with each day, until there is nothing more left to sacrifice.

Slowly, slowly, you should let go the attachment to all the things, one after another.

To live with simplicity, you should always be ready to do what it takes to make your life simple. And whenever the time comes to sacrifice any thing, step ahead and let it go with all your heart.

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