Find True Happiness in Life

What does happiness mean to you?

Achieving fame, money, goals, desires, possessions?

If so, then no matter what you do, and how hard you work, you’ll always find yourself away from happiness. Because what you seek can only give you temporary happiness, and never permanent one.

Each day, from morning to night, we take actions that we think will take us closer to live a happy life.

But, when the day ends, how many of us really feel happy and contented? How many of us feel peaceful from within?.

We live in a culture where we encourage ambitions, greed, and overwork and discourage contentment, selflessness, and rest. We respect ambitious people and look down upon those who are contented with their life.

We think we’ll only be happy when we have a high-paying job, a big house, and enough money to fulfill our every little desire.

We always look for something more, and even when we get that, we desire for something even more.

I, too, used to think this way. If any friend told me he is happy with what he has, I tried to convince him how having more in his life will make him more happy than he is now. What a fool I was.

It takes time to realize that our possessions and money have nothing to do with our happiness. And it’s even more difficult to understand this, if you are young, as you’re struggling to find your own identity in life, and you can’t help comparing your life to other rich and successful kids in college.

Money does play a role in our happiness. We do need some money to satisfy our basic needs in life. But anything beyond that, won’t necessarily add to your happiness.

Money, possessions, fame, respect, position. All these won’t give you happiness. If you have any thoughts that make you think otherwise, then throw them aside.

And ask yourself, “How can I be truly happy?” and “Where does happiness actually come from?”

True happiness always comes from within. There is no way it can come from anything outside you. You probably know this, but still look outside for happiness.

If you keep looking for happiness outside, you’ll never find it. Happiness comes from a quiet mind, a contented heart, and controlled senses. All this are under your control. And to control them, you have to be mindful of yourself for every moment of your day, and keep your focus directed within.

True happiness can’t be bought. It can’t be snatched from someone else. It can’t be rented. It can’t be bribed. It can’t be seen. It can’t be heard. It can’t be tasted. It can’t be felt from outside.

True happiness always comes from within and it can be felt only from within. It comes from a state of peacefulness within you that you have to find, understand, and then live by. In this peaceful state, you will find as much happiness as you want. And in it there is no place for any kind of negative energy. Yes, that means no greed, no jealousy, no anger, no stress. But, pure contentment, pure happiness, pure compassion, and pure peace.

I share all this with you because I really do want you to find this true happiness in your life. I, too, look for it everyday within me. Sometimes, I feel I have it, sometimes I have to work hard to get in touch with it.

If your definition of happiness lies in things which are outside your control, then you will never be happy in your life. There will always be someone more famous than you, there will always be someone more rich than you, there will always be someone more powerful than you, and there will always be someone more talented than you.

You can only be happy if your definition of happiness lies under your control. You can let go your desires, let go your ego, let go your thoughts, and let go any other thing that doesn’t contribute to your happiness. If you can do that, then you won’t compare your happiness with others. You will be happy from inside, and you’ll feel this deep within.

Now, what tells you that you have truly become happy? You know you are truly happy when you are grateful for all the things in your life, when you are grateful for the kindness others have shown you in your life, and when you are grateful for your food, your house, your family, and the wisdom you have gained in your life.

You know you are truly happy when you know no one in this planet is unhappy because of you, when you respect every life in this planet – be it plant or animal – and you consume only what’s necessary to live your life. Then you create happiness not only within you, but also outside you.

When your love and kindness extends beyond yourself, beyond your family, beyond your culture, beyond your country, and you see equality in everything, then you are truly happy to be you, because then there is no difference between you and me and anyone else. We all are same in every respect. We all have desires, goals, thoughts, and love inside us. When you start to live your life based on such universal thoughts, you start to look at life with new eyes. Everything is a thing of beauty then, that exists for its own wonderful reason.

Then you don’t feel angry when things don’t turn out your way. You don’t feel disappointed when you can’t own expensive things. You don’t care for fame, or position. You respect every life form there is, and with that comes the respect for yourself, too. And you start working on what’s more important to you in life. You start to discover the purpose of your own existence. You start to see the inner beauty in you, that’s way more beautiful and incomparable to any outside beauty.

That’s how you find true happiness in your life. And once you find it, there will be nothing more left to run after.

Thank you for reading this article. If my words can help you find this happiness in your life, I will consider myself very fortunate.

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