Embrace Loneliness

At times, you’ll come across situations in your life where you find yourself alone. There will be moments when you won’t have anyone to help you, to pity you, and show any sign of love to you.

It’s in moments like these, that we feel shattered and depressed.

We are so used to having others in our life that we find it difficult to deal with ourself when we are alone.

We always want to do something – see something, feel something, go somewhere, read something, talk to someone, listen to something, or work on something.

We don’t like it when we have nothing to do, and are left on our own.

But, if you want to know the truth about yourself and understand this world around you, you should start to accept this loneliness in life. And not just accept it, but embrace it with all your heart.

To understand the meaning of life, you have to get rid of the chaos around you, and dwell inside the quietness in you. And this quietness can only be found when you are alone.

It’s in moment of loneliness that you feel the sadness and the emptiness in your life. You come face-to-face with your fears, your desires, your anger, your jealousies, your thoughts, and your feelings. You see them for what they are. And then, if you look deeply, you see yourself for who you are.

You can keep running from the truth as long as you want. You can lose yourself in chasing one desire after another. You can do that for long enough.

But there will come a time, as it mostly does, when you can’t run from the truth any longer, and you begin to question your own existence and of everything else around you. For some, such moments come at the end of their lives as they approach their death. For some, it comes early in their lives as they see the suffering and pain around them. For some, unfortunately, the moment never comes, and they leave this world without having understood it.

True learning only comes from independence. Do not depend on others to make you happy all the time. Do not depend on others to care for you all the time. Do not depend on others to make decisions for you all the time. Do not depend on others to guide you all the time.

Learn to be happy on your own. Learn to be decisive on your own. Learn to be careful on your own. Learn to guide yourself on your own. And to learn all these, first, learn to live with your loneliness.

If you are afraid to be alone, and cling to other people or things all the time, then you will never grow up to understand the purpose of your life. You have to let go your fears, be bold, and get away from everything. Go, find a quiet room or a garden, so that you can sit quietly, close your eyes, meditate, and think upon the important things in your life.

When you meditate on your problems in your loneliness, the magic starts to happen : what was complicated before, becomes simple; what was once difficult, becomes easy; what was impossible before, becomes possible; what seemed important before, becomes trivial; what was useful before, becomes useless; what was chaotic before, becomes calm; what was anger before, becomes peace. All this, and much more happens when you start to live with your loneliness.

Loneliness doesn’t mean to shrink away from your duties, or your family and friends. You can do all your duties for the day, spend quality time with your family and friends, and yet make some time every day to be alone. You can make this time before you go to sleep at night, or after you wake up in the morning. You can make this time even when others are around you, by being quiet and focused only on your inner self.

I spend time in loneliness every day. I need this loneliness to figure out what’s important to me. I need this loneliness to figure out the purpose of my life. I need this loneliness to create anything of value. And I am glad I have learned to live with my loneliness.

What about you?

Thank you for reading this.

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Hi, I am Rahul Singh. At life beginner, I teach others the way to practice meditation, live with mindfulness, and connect with their consciousness, so that they can find inner peace, lasting happiness, and meaning and purpose in their lives. I'm also the Author of Simplify Now & Keys to Meaningful Life.