Drink Your Tea with Mindfulness

After you get up at morning, and before you start your day’s work, few experiences can be as enriching as drinking a cup of tea with mindfulness.

I enjoy my daily tea routine. It has become like a five minute meditation for me. It helps me relax, and refreshes my body and mind, and prepares me to face my day in a peaceful way.

While you should certainly try for yourself what drink – tea or coffee – works best for you, and what way you like to drink it, I’d like to share with you my process of drinking tea.

Here is how to drink your tea with mindfulness :

First, be mindful while making your tea. Don’t be in a hurry. Be aware of everything you do : how much water you take, how much tea you put, for how many minutes you let the water boil.

Once you finish making it, immerse yourself completely into the experience of drinking the tea. We are more interested in the drinking part of our tea, than the making part.

I prefer to sit in a quiet place, but it may not be possible for you to find such a place every time. Whether quiet or noisy, don’t let the environment around you distract you from drinking your tea peacefully.

Sit down on a chair, or you can sit down cross-legged on a mat, as I do sometimes, with just your cup of tea.

Bring your attention back to the present moment. Don’t think of anything else.

Don’t have any books, newspapers, or cell phones near you. Keep them away for a while. You need five to ten minutes to enjoy your tea. And this time is not to be shared with anything else.

Before you take the first sip, enjoy the aroma of the tea. Take a few deep breaths and with each breath let the fresh aroma of the tea fill your body. Take the first sip slowly, and enjoy it. Don’t rush to take the second sip. Let the first sip fully dissolve in your mouth first.

Similarly, take the next sips while being mindful of each sip as you take it. Cherish every sip, and observe it as it dissolves in your mouth and enters your body. Feel the tea inside you, as it moves from your mouth to your stomach.

Take your time. If you need more than five minutes, let it be so. Depending upon how much tea you drink, and how mindfully you drink it, your time may vary from five to fifteen minutes. It’s alright. The alertness and the quietness you feel within, is worth the time.

Even when you finish drinking your tea, don’t get up immediately. Spend a few minutes observing the feeling inside you. After a hot cup of tea, it’s natural to feel little warm inside, which makes you feel relaxed and peaceful, and yet fully alert.

After this experience, you come out fresh and full of energy to begin your day. This morning experience, enriching as it is, is a great way to begin your day.

And you don’t have to limit this experience to once a day. You may do this two or three times a day. Apart from morning, another good time to do this is at evening, after you finish your day’s work. Or you can do it anytime you feel stressed during your day. Whether evening or noon, drink your tea with the same mindfulness as you do at morning.

You can have any type of tea you prefer. It’s a matter of personal choice. I prefer to take green tea, without milk or sugar, one to two times a day. There are several health benefits of drinking green tea over other types of tea, and I highly recommend it to you.

I get my green tea from organic india brand, which contains tulsi (holy basil) and has additional health benefits. I also prefer tea powder or tea leafs over tea bags. For some reason, the tea bags don’t satisfy me as much as tea powder.

Every time I have my tea, I feel relaxed and peaceful from inside. If you haven’t tried drinking your tea with mindfulness you should give it a try. You may just find it to be a good way to bring yourself back to the present moment, and prepare yourself for the day.

Thank you for reading this article.

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