Win Over the First Distraction of Your Day

Every day, when we sit down to work, there is a moment just before we start our work, when we feel we should check our email, news, or facebook updates.

We tell ourself that we will only check for five minutes and then get back to work.

But once we do so, one thing leads to another, and we end up wasting several hours of our day, without getting any thing done.

The morning hours are the most productive hours of our day. In the morning, our mind is fresh and alert. But instead of using this fresh mind to create something, we let outside distractions fill our mind with useless information.

And then, even if we return to our work, our mind cannot perform at its peak, and the quality of our work suffers. This also reduces the amount of work we could have done in a day, if we hadn’t let our mind wander.

But, why do we let ourself indulge in these distractions? Shouldn’t we spend more time doing our work, and less time reading what others do in their life?

We indulge in these distractions, because they make us think that they are somehow more important than our work.

And we find it difficult to focus on our work, because, in the back of our mind, we continue to think of the things that may be there for us to consume. The urge to check, and satisfy our thirst for new content, is very strong. If we aren’t mindful enough, we can easily succumb to this temptation, and stall our work to devour all this information, and get lost in it.

Does that mean we can do nothing about these distractions? No. We can overcome these distractions every time, if we are mindful of the present moment.

When you live with mindfulness, you are aware of everything that happens within and outside you. You are aware of your thoughts, your desires, your actions, and this awareness helps you to choose the right thing to do in each moment.

I know this well. Yet, I often fall into the distraction trap. And that’s why, I have to remind myself each day to not start with anything that may distract me, until I get some work done.

If you can wake up each day, and avoid the first distraction in front of you, you eliminate the possibility of getting distracted further. And you actually get some real work done.

The boost you get, when you win over your first distractions of the day, can lead to a feeling of strength within you, which helps you to overcome other distractions for the rest of your day.

And once you finish your goals for the day, you can check your facebook or news updates. This way you at least get some serious work done in the first few hours of your day.

If you continue to practice this every day, this soon becomes a habit. You will automatically sit down to work every morning and get your work done, and only after that will you think of doing any thing else.

But all this will happen only if you win over the first distraction of your day, starting today.

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