Stop Chasing the Wrong Things in Life

I know you have your personal goals in life. And you also have some unfulfilled desires in your heart that you want to fulfill some day.

But do you ever ask yourself while pursuing your goals and running after your desires, if it’s worth the time you spend thinking and acting upon them?

Many times, we chase our goals and desires in life, only to discover later that we were chasing the wrong things all the time.

Don’t let this happen to you.

Assume that you already had all the things you desire for, and you met all your goals in life. What then? Would your mind be peaceful? Or would it start to form new desires and goals again.

We often think that to live a happy life we need more money, more free time, more fame, a bigger house, the latest electronic gadgets, and other luxury items. When what we really need is a peaceful mind and a contented heart to go with it.

We move from one goal to another, and we chase one desire after another, only to find that we are still unhappy and discontent with ourself.

Do you know why this happens?

Because you chase the wrong things in life.

Instead of making your mind peaceful, you make it more and more chaotic by consuming one thing after another. Instead of making your heart content, you keep entertaining it by following one desire after another. If you want peace inside you, all this needs to stop.

Instead of chasing the wrong things, what if you chase the right ones. How different will be your life then.

Think about your daily routine and see if what you do on a day-to-day basis is worth doing in the long run. Can you replace any activity with a more meaningful one? If so, then why not replace it now.

Observe all the activities you typically do in a day. Do you find any activity that doesn’t contribute to your long-term happiness and well-being, and exists only to fulfill your daily desires. Replace that, too.

Think deeply upon what you wish to achieve ultimately in your life. Is it peace, happiness, satisfaction, and the right understanding about life, or is it chaos, sadness, discontent, and ignorance about life?

The answer is obvious. We all seek permanent happiness, permanent peace, and permanent contentment in life. And that is what we should work after in our life, and not any misleading goals or any temporary pleasures and fantasies.

From time to time, you should evaluate your goals and desires. Else, if you let your desires and goals control you, you will end up wasting years and decades of your life in pursuing things that weren’t worth pursuing at all right from the start.

The only worse thing than not achieving your goals, is to achieve the wrong goals.

Take some time today from your schedule, and think about it.

We already have limited time on this planet. Don’t limit it further by chasing any unwanted things in life.

Thank you for reading this article.

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