Empty Out

When you begin to learn meditation, it’s a good idea to start with an empty mind.

Here’s why.

As each day passes, you learn something new in your life. Every day your brain gets new ideas and experiences, which it promptly remembers so that it can use them later.

But what happens over a period of time, as months and years pass by, is that your mind gets completely filled with these past thoughts and actions. And when this happens, it becomes difficult to learn new ways of thinking and experiencing.

And your past knowledge and experience thus becomes a stumbling block in your meditation practice.

To learn and grow in meditation, you have to form new ways of thinking and observing this world. But if you cling to your past beliefs and actions, it becomes difficult to form new experiences that meditation has in store for you.

If you sit down to meditate, you’ll find plenty of thoughts in your mind based on your old beliefs, knowledge, culture, and experience, that block you from going deep into meditation.

There is only one way you can deal with these unwanted thoughts in your mind, and that is to let them go.

Just like a filled cup only overflows, when you try to fill it further, the same way our mind too spills over any new thoughts, if it’s already filled with other thoughts.

So the first step to cleanse your mind, and prepare it for meditation, is to empty out your mind, and let go everything that holds you back from giving hundred percent to your meditation practice.

When you let go everything, your mind automatically becomes peaceful. This is the state of emptiness. Before you do anything else, and fill your mind again with new thoughts, first, spend some time in this emptiness.

Live in this emptiness. Enjoy this emptiness. Stay as long as you can in this emptiness.

In this emptiness, you can see how insignificant everything around you is, and how temporary all the things in this world are.

The more you empty out, the more capacity you’ll have to gain new knowledge. When you let go the unwanted thoughts that you clung to before, you are ready to let new wisdom and new understanding get inside you.

Empty out and then your mind will be ready to learn new things, and it will eagerly feed and nourish upon what you feed it now.

To learn meditation is to make your mind empty again and again, and then fill it again and again with newer and deeper thoughts that advance you further in understanding your inner self.

So, let your mind be empty once again, just like it was empty when you were born. But this time, instead of letting the world fill your mind with what the world wants you to be, fill it yourself with what you want yourself to be.

And your daily practice of meditation will help you fill your mind with the right thoughts that you need to live a happy and peaceful life.

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