Why a Quiet Mind is a Beautiful Mind

Our mind never stops thinking.

Every moment of the day, it keeps rushing from one thought to another. It finds it difficult to stay quiet and do nothing.

But that’s the very nature of our mind. And we can’t blame it for that.

If you leave your mind on its own, it will never become quiet. To make it quiet, you have to take control yourself. And that involves practicing mindfulness and meditation; the two best ways to quiet your mind.

But what makes this quiet mind beautiful?

When your mind becomes quiet, you feel peace inside you. This peace is similar to how you feel in any quiet place, except here you feel peaceful at a deeper level. And another great thing about this peace is that it lasts longer.

When the mind is quiet, there are no thoughts, and even when thoughts do come, you can easily discard them and continue to stay in the quietness of your mind.

When the mind becomes quiet, it stops rushing towards your desires, it stops thinking about your ego, and it stops acting as per your senses.

And in this quietness it can do something it couldn’t do before: Your mind is able to observe itself. And that’s when you start to see the beauty inside you.

In this quietness and peace, you start to feel the ‘real’ you. This you is not a formation of your mind, nor a creation of your desires. This you is your consciousness, which you didn’t know earlier, because it doesn’t show itself when your mind is run by desires.

Your consciousness, by its nature, is opposite of your mind. It’s naturally quiet and peaceful. And that’s why, to know it, you first have to become as quiet as consciousness itself.

As your mind becomes quiet, your consciousness starts revealing itself. At first, it barely seems to be there, but as your mind becomes quieter and quieter, your consciousness starts becoming more and more visible.

Within this quietness, your mind seems to be at so much peace that you don’t feel like disturbing it. You wish to remain in this state for more and more time.

And when you come out of this state, you still feel so much peace inside you. The whole world seems to have become peaceful along with you. Everything looks so calm .

As you practice this more often, you start to gain better control over your mind. You immediately recognize any unwanted thought or feeling as soon as it arises. You are able to make better decisions all the time. You are aware of everything in and around you, every moment you are awake.

This state of quietness of mind is a beautiful state to be in.

No wonder, many meditators meditate everyday just to enjoy this state.

But our purpose isn’t to do this for enjoyment. If you do this for the joy, then you will easily rush to any other thing that gives you joy.

We make our mind quiet, so that we can understand ourselves at a deeper level. We do this to discover the true nature of everything inside us: our mind, our feelings, our desires, our senses.

This deep understanding helps us clear many doubts about ourself, as well as about life itself. It helps us break free from the many self-imposed limitations that we live with every day.

It brings us closer to the truth.

So, for today, I’d like you to put away some time, and use meditation to quieten your mind, even if it’s just for a few minutes.

Hope you found this article useful. Please share it with others and help me spread the word.

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