Find The Root Cause of Your Personal Problems

Many times, we ignore our personal problems and move on with our life, as if ignoring our problems will make them go away.

And sometimes, we are so afraid of our problems that we try to hide from them, and avoid doing anything that may make us come face-to-face with them.

So, let’s accept it. It’s not easy to face your problems, especially those that affect you deeply inside.

But you can’t live a peaceful life, when your problems are running at the back of your mind.

If you don’t solve your problems today, they’ll only become more difficult to face tomorrow.

The best way I know to overcome my problems is to meditate deeply upon them, and find their root cause.

Solving your problems at a surface level never helps you get rid of them. You have to find a way to solve your life’s problems permanently, or else they’ll keep returning to you again and again. And to solve your problems permanently, first, you have to find their root cause.

To find the cause of your problems, start by asking yourself the right questions: Why do my problems occur? What is their source? What can I do to overcome them?

And when you try to find the cause of your problems, be honest with yourself.

Once you understand the root cause of your problem, you also realize what you’re doing wrong, and what you should actually do, to overcome the problem in future.

Let’s see an example where finding the root cause can help you overcome the problem.

Suppose your problem is: You want to meditate daily, but for some reason you don’t do it.

Now, how do you solve this problem?

First, let’s try to find the root cause of your problem. Ask yourself why you don’t meditate. List out all possible reasons.

These may be few of the important reasons :

1) You don’t have time.

2) You don’t know the right/best way to meditate.

3) You don’t have the quiet/perfect environment around you to practice.

Now, once you have the root cause of your problem, it becomes easy to figure out a solution. And most times, the solution is simple, though it may not be an easy one.

And the solutions to our meditation problems are also simple:

1) You don’t have time.

Solution: Really? You mean you can’t take just 2-5 minutes from your daily routine to meditate. You can wake up 5 minutes early, reduce your tv or internet time, practice it before you go to sleep; it’s not that hard.

2) You don’t know the right/best way to meditate.

Solution: Start with what you know. All you need to know to meditate is to focus on your breathe and let go everything else. First get better at this, or choose any of the other meditation techniques, and then worry about the best practices later.

3) You don’t have the quiet/perfect environment around you to practice.

Solution: Well, if you wait for the perfect place or time to meditate, you’ll never ever meditate. Start with where you are, with what you have.

You see, how simple these solutions are. Finding the root cause of your problems makes you realize that your problems aren’t that difficult to overcome at all.

Any problem, however big it may be, can always be solved if you just take the required efforts to find its root cause, and then take actions to eradicate those root causes permanently from your life.

It’s difficult, I know. But it’s doable. And it’s always worth it.

On the other hand, if you don’t solve your problems, you let them gain power over you. And the longer you let that happen, the more powerful your problems become.

But once you decide to meditate upon them, and find their root cause, you understand them for what they are. And then you can choose to stand up, look them in the eye, and take the necessary action to overpower them, until your problems go away permanently.

And then you can move to another problem, and then another, and a day will soon come when you won’t have any problem left to solve.

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