Listen to Your Inner Self

Do you ever spend any time listening to your inner self?

You listen to your friends. You listen to your family. You listen to your teachers.

And you listen to your mind and your heart, too. Right?

But when I refer to listening to your inner self, I don’t mean any of the above.

To listen to your inner self, go beyond your body, go beyond your mind, and go beyond your heart. There is something inside you that’s separate from all these; listen to that.

If you want to learn more about your true nature, you need to form the habit of listening to your inner self daily.

By listening to the inner self you understand everything you want to know about yourself – you understand your thoughts, you understand your desires, you understand your feelings, you understand all the sensations going inside your body.

And that’s just the first step towards understanding yourself.

The second step is to go beyond them and dive deep down into yourself. That’s where you’ll discover things about yourself that you didn’t even know exists. This state is nothing but the absence of everything you know. It’s a state of total silence and peace.

In this state there is no mind, no heart, no body. That means there is also no thoughts, no desires, no feelings. It’s a state you’ll wish you can stay forever.

But the question of staying in this state comes later.

First, the important thing is to discover it, and that’s where many of us fail. Sometimes we give up easily, and other times we don’t even try to listen to this inner self as we let other unwanted things run our life.

But if you ignore your inner self you’ll never find permanent peace and happiness in your life. Your inner self is the reason you exist, and is it asking too much of yourself to give some time to listen to it?

Once you start listening to yourself, you won’t need any guru or teacher to tell you what to do. You will be able to make decisions as good as anyone else in your position.

Your inner self can guide you in situations even when your mind and heart fail to.

Now you may ask how can you listen to this inner self?

The tool that’ll help you to listen to your inner self is meditation; it will help you find the “real” you.

By meditating every day, you bring yourself more and more closer to your inner self. This inner self is nothing but your consciousness that is always there inside you. The only reason you can’t find it easily is because you have let other things dominate it for a long time.

Meditation helps you get rid of the unimportant things so that you can focus all your energy on the important ones; in this case, our inner self.

So, starting today, now is even better, spend some time every day to listen to your inner self. If you are willing to listen to it, you’ll automatically find the energy and the time to do so.

But, it won’t be easy. It will take effort and struggle to break your old patterns of living. But you must break them to come back to yourself; the way you were before everything else happened to you.

As it takes time to discover your inner self, the more you delay to search for it, the harder it becomes. Start today, and you’ll come closer to discovering yourself by a day.

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