Stop Rushing Through Your Day

From the moment we get up to the moment we go to sleep, we keep rushing through our day.

We live our life as if it’s a race that we need to finish in one day.

If it was only about a day, then it won’t be an issue. But it’s never about a single day. We keep living the same life day after day after day.

But do you ever take a pause from your daily routine and ask yourself why you keep rushing through your day.

Is this how you want to live your full life?

Probably not.

None of us want to live such a hectic life.

We don’t want our life to be a never ending chase. We want it to be a happy and peaceful journey, of which we have lived every moment to its fullest.

So if we all want peace and happiness in our life, then how do we end up spending our day in chaos, running continuously from one thing to another?

The answer lies in the nature of our mind.

From morning to night, our mind keeps wandering from one thought to another without taking a break. It doesn’t like to stay quiet and do nothing.

That’s why, when you try to focus on one task it tells you to focus on ten different ones. Your mind, if left uncontrolled, can ruin your full day.

Thanks to our mind, we are never at peace with ourself.

We finish one task, only to run after another task.

We always look forward to the next thing to do, but we fail to give our hundred percent to what we are doing right now.

We worry how will we finish so many things in a single day. And worrying about this, we spend our full day in anxiety and tension.

Won’t it be better if we could just focus our mind, and all our energy, on the present activity, and leave the other stuff for when the time comes to handle them.

So your present time is only for your present activity and your future time will be only for your future one.

This way, you don’t need to create clutter in your mind, worrying about all your activities at once.

Instead, think of it as dividing your day into multiple small activities, where your mind is concerned with only one activity at any given time.

You don’t need to worry about how you will get all the remaining work done. Instead you can just focus completely on the present task, and give it your best shot.

And once you finish your present task, move on to your next task and again give it your best shot. Keep doing all your activities this way, by remaining completely immersed in the current activity.

This way, the quality of your work improves, and you feel relaxed and peaceful even if you had to do a lot of tasks in the day.

However, it’s not always right to blame our mind for making us rush through our day.

Sometimes, it’s our own habits that cause us to do that.

We form several bad habits that keep us busy, even if we do not need to. There are so many things in our life that only add noise to our life, and which we can easily give up.

Just by reducing the time we spend online everyday, we can create enough time to do all our work without rushing through them.

If you just spent less time on twitter, facebook, and using your smartphones and tablets, then perhaps you could easily manage your day.

To break such habits which only waste our time, we have to learn to be mindful of ourself throughout the day.

By being more aware of the present moment, we can break such habits that are stopping us from living our life to the fullest.

Life becomes more joyful when you don’t have to run after it.

Simply staying mindful of your every moment, might just be the thing you need to bring peace in your everyday life.

Learn to do that, and you will sail through easily even on a busy day.

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